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A little while ago, I managed to get 3 kits for a small price.  I am currently working on the Charles W. Morgan - it is an A/L kit that is approximately 20 years old.  Apparently it came out around 1984.  The instructions, as you imagine are not to-days's standards but are quite detailed.  I will post some pictures in a little while.   Am currently planking the deck which has taken me quite a while.  The Charles W. Morgan was a whaling ship and this is quite a change for me as in the past I have been building British fighting ships.  Will keep you posted.

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Looking forward to following your build.


Many years ago I re-read Moby Dick and became so interested in the whaling industry I made a trip to both the New Bedford and Nantucket whaling museums.That led to eventually to learning to sail and buying a 30 foot sloop.


Sold the boat years ago and now learning to be a model shipwright.


By the way, Moby Dick gives some very detailed descriptions of the waling ship, rigging and way of life.



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Hi Shortgrass,

I am starting to plan my next build which will be a scratch built Morgan.  Fortunately for me I only live about an hour away from Mystic, CT where she is docked so I can take a lot of pictures for reference to augment the plans.  If you do a search on this forum you will find some nice build logs of the Morgan.  Looking forward to seeing your build.



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