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Greetings from Chile!

Yes... Chile!

Very glad to have found this forum.... I wasnt that much of a ship modeller until a few months ago so i just discover this very nice group.


Started with models some 35+ years ago with a few 1/72 matchbox airplane kits and it has been my hobbyever since with some deviations in between (who aint..) with Marklin HO trains, R/C sailboats and girls.
A friend asked me to build a 1/350 Tamiya Yamato Premium edition back in january of this year and it turned out really good with the addition of a wood deck and some eduard railing. Now im finishing an 1/350 Academy Graf Spee for the same friend and after that i have to tackle the 1/200 Bismarck also for him. In the meantime i just lost interest in aircraft models so i ended up selling pretty much all of the stash (some 200+ unbuilt 1/72, 1/48 and 1/144 kits) and started creating a quite decent 1/350 stash.


In real life im a long time member of the IPMS-Chile main branch (and IPMS-Chile Facebook group admin too), i managed to marry a gorgeous gal, have two wonderful kids and i work as a Naval Architect in a ship design office, but that's another story...


Looking forward to learn tons from you and if i can be of any help, just let me know.



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Welcome to MSW, German. There are a quite a number of people here also making models similar to yours. Make sure you start a build log for your Graf Spee - even though it's already under way. It's a great way to get help and advice from others who have already been there and found solutions to the inevitable problems that crop up. And some have the most amazing research resources on ships of the type you are building.


(Also, we like to see pretty pictures! :D)

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¡Bienvenido a Model Ship World, German! Me interesa que usted es de Chile. En el año 2018 mi esposa y yo viajamos en su pais para un mes, y pasamos mucho tiempo largo de la costa. Yo escribí sobre esto viaje a Chile en MSW, ¿quizas le interesta leerlo? Planeamos volver, pero ahora no podemos por el virus. Es muy desfortunado, por que durante nuestro viaje nos conocimos a mucho gente y creemos que los Chilenos son muy simpaticos y interesantes. Mi español es limitado, pero he trabajado duro antes del viaje y después, por que los dos queremos volver a su país. Espero que puede me entender. ¡De nuevo, bienvenido!

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Hi All!

Thank you very much for your kind welcome...

As for a build log, maybe i will do one with the 1/200 bismarck.... not sure.... everytime i started one i lost interest and in the end the project goes straight to the bin. CAthead, ill be writing you on your post. Lots of familiar places there.


Thanks again!


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