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Haven't seen this topic yet here.  So, is it necessary/advisable to prime metal gun carriages, anchors or any other metal pieces, other than any brass or copper parts (I'm planning to Brass Black all those (eyelets, rings, deadeye straps, chain plates, rigging hooks, rudder hinge straps))?



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Priming has the purpose of reducing corrosion (probably not relevant in our context) and to increase the adherence of paints. Copper and brass quickly develop a very thin oxidation layer that feels slightly 'greasy' and to which water-based paints do not adhere very well, particularly, when brushed on. In such cases a primer might be useful that makes the surface somewhat porous, improving the adherence of particularly acrylics.


However, for small parts that are not handled priming in most cases is not really needed, particularly on models that are put under glass immediately after completion. In the case of working models, the situation may be different.


Every layer of paint will obliterate detail and make the appearance of parts less 'sharp'.

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You don’t mention the metal alloy involved but if they are the usual white metal parts offered by kit model suppliers it’s probably a good ides to prime them.


If the white metal contains lead, it can oxidize to a white powder.  Priming supposedly limits this.



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Wefalck and Roger, Thanks for your input.  My Amati Lady Nelson kit came with metal gun carriages as well as the guns (alloy not specified). Wasn't sure if I needed to apply a primer before the final color acrylic paint.  Assuming I prep these parts with some acetone with a water rinse, sounds like I could skip the primer paint to avoid an extra coat.



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