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Gozzo vela by Blackseraph - FINISHED - Mini Mamoli - Scale 1:28

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Due to COVID pandemic me and my wife have to work from home, so my workbench became an office desk for her and I could not work anymore on other project, America. I have to adapt and I got smaller builds. Here's Gozzo vela, from Mini Mamoli (now part of Dusek Ship Kits).

The kit is quite simple and fun, but there are several problems with it:

  • Some wood sizes mentioned in instructions are missing or are not enough
  • The pre-carved wood hull has some flaws (see below)
  • The instructions seems translated with some automated tool (I read English, not sure about original Italian)
  • The instructions doesn't seem very detailed, basically there are no details, just enumerates some steps, quickly
  • Most wood used is walnut, but is very thin and is breaks so easily


I made some mistakes: I tried to fix hull creak with filler, but it was broken and it raised over surface which was mean to be smooth, so then I decided to throw away that part and fill it. Then glued the board on the hull instead of top of it (I let the walnut strip 48h in water and I used a plank bender, but it still broke). I unglued it and used some strips I had at home and I think it looks better.

The strips used for keel need thinned. Is VERY hard to make them follow the groove, so did the best I could and then just glue and trim-fit it.


I painted using brush (no airbrush yet) and some shellac at the end

2020-06-09 12.04.59.jpg

2020-06-09 12.05.34.jpg

2020-06-09 12.05.51.jpg

2020-06-09 15.12.38.jpg

2020-06-11 16.29.10.jpg

2020-06-16 11.43.28.jpg

2020-06-21 17.20.51.jpg

2020-06-23 17.25.48.jpg

2020-06-24 11.10.16.jpg

2020-06-24 11.50.33.jpg

2020-06-25 11.34.20.jpg

2020-06-25 18.54.31.jpg

2020-07-24 13.10.36.jpg

2020-07-27 17.13.11.jpg

2020-08-05 16.10.02.jpg

2020-08-05 16.10.14.jpg

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