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Swift 1805 by Swallowtail - Artesania Latina - 1:50 - first build

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I posted this in the Member's intro section, but on suggestion there will start this log...


I bought the Swift kit a few years ago as a first ever timber ship kit, but put it down after constructing the frame and half-planking the deck, when I realised I wasn't happy with the planking I had started. This last week I picked it up again and decided that no-one else would ever realise that some of the planks didn't quite look perfect! So progress since then has been to finish the deck planking, fit the deck to the frame, and start planking... 

I ended up clamping the deck down pretty hard to get the curve to the bulkheads, but it looks really good so I'm pretty happy with it.

One thing I have noted is that I was not happy with the hull curve generated by bulkhead 6 (it really pinched in and didn't flow well at all) so I have packed it slightly - it can be seen in the last photo as the bulkhead with an extra pin in it near the keel. 

I've been reading a lot on planking techniques - and reading through @stripehunter's build log - some excellent advice all round.


I daresay this will go through stages of modelling energy, but I'll get there eventually :) 






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Well aren't holidays great... :) 


Did the other side this last week, much easier than the first - lessons learnt. Having ends to match and measurements to compare certainly sped things up! 


Planking is now done, and first sanding roughly complete. There are a couple of low spots to fill and then resand, then on to the next steps! 







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Steady progress... Bulwarks on, one now lined. I've planed it down to be 3 x planks tall, and it flows nicely. Interesting to see that the stern transom is narrower than the kit by about 8mm once the bulwarks are nicely fitted and flowing. I've gone with it, and she'll have a narrower transom. 


I've also packed the sternpost so it sits out a little, will have to see if that bites me later! 






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