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I just picked up this collection of models that a long-time friend has asked me to sell for him. There are no ships in the collection so I have no problem if the moderators of this site would like to remove the post. The only thing is that I see some interesting modelling posts for things other than ships on this site so I thought this might be appropriate. 


Please send me a PM if you are interested in any of these models. 


Please note that they are in various states of quality; some are wonderful and some are of little value. There may be some amazing deals here for the right person. 


Best Regards, 





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There's a cool L&P engine in that grey box at the top and the OZ wheels are a nice transkit for F40 builders. Obviously, I am getting some interest on the Pocher kits at the bottom.  With the number of people spending more time indoors, there has been quite an uptick in interest on these larger kits.  


A Note on Pocher kit prices: 


I have been selling Pocher kits since 1996 and I probably have sold 3,000 or more of these kits since that time. I am pretty sure I have seen every single iteration of every one of the Pocher kits in that time. 


Prices for these kits peaked in 2005, when I could get $2500 to $3000 for several of the different models. 


Prices have been going  down since then, with the biggest drop in 2008, with the great recession. In a few months, a model that was selling for $2500 was then selling for about $1000, including the Bugattis. 


Prices have recovered a tiny bit during the Pandemic but the biggest problem now is that there are simply fewer and fewer decent kits around. I don't think the prices will recover any time soon, or at all, but I do know the availability of decent kits will continue to drop.  


I am having a great deal of difficulty finding decent kits.  It is not a question of price; there are simply very few kits around. 


So, if you are interested in ever getting a Pocher kit, don't expect to find one at a bargain-basement price. I don't know anyone who will sell a good kit for under $1000 these days. I also see very few kits selling over $2,000. 


Given my extensive experience with these kits, I can describe the ones in this collection: 


The Alfa kit is in perfect condition; it will sell for a good price

The Sedanca kit is in very good condition; it will be a good deal for someone. This is a huge and complex kit so will have good value "by the hour" but not as good as a wood ship kit. 

The Torpedo kit is in fair condition; this will be a good deal for someone who has experience with these kits. The engine is started, which means there is a considerable price advantage for someone who can fiddle with stuff. 

The Ferrari kit is in very good condition. This is a Testor's branding of the Pocher kit, which is quite rare. Again, though, collector's values should be avoided for these models. I don't think the prices will go up again. 


I am working on putting together a list of the entire collection and will have it available shortly, by PM only. 


The seller is a good friend and is interested in getting a fair price for his models. 


Best Regards, 



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