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H.M. Brig-Sloop Flirt 1782 by Sjors - FINISHED - Vanguard Models - Scale 1:64

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55 minutes ago, SpyGlass said:

I was just looking at your rigging and I was very struck by how authentic (dirty  black !!) the shrouds and ratlines looked - wondering what dark thread you used for them .  

Good question. The rigging is a bit special, it has exactly the 'look' I hope to achieve.

Great looking model, well done.

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Hello Spyglass,


Thanks for the comment.

About the rope for the shrouds and ratlines, i’ve got them from Morope Germany.

The only thing is when i use that rope, every time when i have to cut i have to put a drop of glue on the thread.

When i don’t do that it’s coming loose ( don’t how to say it but then you have multiple threads )




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13 minutes ago, Sjors said:

coming loose ( don’t how to say it but then you have multiple threads )

Unravel would be the term, from what I've read and experienced it is from the rope being a polyester instead of cotton. As you say, a drop of glue (CA or in my experience a fly tying lacquer) helps hold it all together.


Your rigging is looking very nice!

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2 minutes ago, SpyGlass said:

I really would keep CA off rigging

I strive for this, but I've been told that the discoloration and crystallizing is with natural rigging lines and not applicable to polyester threads. That being said I've been so strongly advised previously against it with natural thread that I stick to a lacquer. I'm not certain how well PVA works with polyester being a plastic.

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On 9/27/2020 at 5:39 AM, Sjors said:

Thanks for the likes!

The depth marks are on it.

Also the butterfly at the stern.....

The Channel parts and deadeyes are also on the ship.

Till next time.




Depth mark 1.jpeg

Depht mark 2.jpeg

roer .jpeg

Deadeyes 1.jpeg

Deadeyes 2.jpeg

I love the Roman numeral depth marks. How have you all been? Judy and I are fine. Nice work on this build.

Judy and Rich Hippner


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Thanks Bob and VTHokiEE,


That's the word I was looking for....unravel ( In Dutch it is rafelen)




With us every thing is just going as it should be.

We are happy that all is well with you to.

Give our regards to Judy.



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  • 2 weeks later...

On a sunny day another update.

The bowsprit is done with the rigging.

Also de Jib boom and Gaf.

It's small but funny.

I'm pleased how it all comes together.

Now it is time for make the yards ready....

There all ready painted so time for the blocks.

Till another update.

Enjoy your day and keep healthy!






Boegspriet 1.JPG

Boegspriet 2.JPG


jib boom.JPG

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