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A small cog by silverman834 - scale 1:20 - c. 1410

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@Ab Hoving ah yes, you are right - bowlines. I think my plans had them in mind in the beginning, but that I then removed them for some reason. Maybe I will have them to give the bowsprit something to do.


@Jonathan11 Thank you for your kind words and pics. That's some good tiedowns, better than what I first had in mind. I'll see if that or the netting turns out best.

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The chose came down to cargo netting the barrels as they lie too haphazardly for nice tie downs. 


I drew a grid to use as a guide and started knotting.



It's funny how I knew the knot in my hands after making 200 of them, but then I had to think about how to do it as the standing part at one point got really short and then I had no idea of how to do it any more and had to rewatch the instructions again.




The barrels is as I said the primary cargo and I guess the boat perhaps left the fishing village loaded with salted fish once a week, but I guess they also tried to get more things to the market as well and loaded miscellaneous wares on the foredeck.


I got a lot of millet straws left over from making the barrel hoops and tried to use them for other uses that you use willow for. Like baskets.



At first I wanted to show their contents as well, but I guess you would cover them up with cloth to protect them in transport.


I have started to look into making the sail and was suprised of the tips of using paper. One thought I have had through out the build is to use locally sourced non specialized materials and this silkspan paper sounded very specialized. But reading a bit more I see that it's basically what I have used on airplanes and that's basically just washi paper from the craft store.


And it really acts like cloth in this scale! So I made some cargo for the fore deck. You see this kind of bales all over the medieval imagery in all shapes and sizes The are made of sleeping pad foam covered in washi paper.




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