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Dornier DO 217 K-1 ragove Revell 1/72

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The base coat, a light blue Tamiya color, was brushed on. 2 coats with a very light sanding between. The dots were done with a micron pen (picture).  I drew a wiggly line of single dots and then redid the same line about 2 more times at a slight offset. The trick is not to get too repetitive or create obvious repeated patterns.  It went remarkably fast.   I have never been successful with an airbrush.  They always clog up before any paint actually comes through. And it takes forever to clean them out.  All of this is probably due to operator error and ignorance. 


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winter camo........came out great to me  ;)     I've been tempted,  but never felt I could ever pull it off.   super job.......it will look real good with the insignias in place :)   does this one sport the letter codes that the Germans were noted for?   I have a book that I think you might want to add to your collection........


it cover many planes that they flew in the war.......gets even more interesting when it talks of how captured allied planes played a role in some of the missions

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12 hours ago, popeye the sailor said:

 does this one sport the letter codes that the Germans were noted for

I haven’t yet paid much attention to the decals. I’ll be starting them today, and maybe I can figure out if there are letter codes.  
I originally purchased this kit for 2 reasons: 1 it was on sale for about $12, and 2: it looked interesting. I don’t really try to “collect” any specific type of aircraft. Just whatever appeals to me at the moment. 
Thank you for the compliment on the camo. I didn’t  know it was “winter” camo.  I was, to be honest, quite puzzled as to what it was supposed to be.

The book looks interesting, but we are trying to reduce our collection of stuff, not add to it😁. Maybe I can find it in the library. 

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great camo for bombers.........most winter camo was made up of flat black blotches on a lighter color backing........light blue to the lighter shades of gray.   there was no modulation on the blotches,  primarily what made it so interesting.   bombers were common with the camo pattern that you chose...not sure if it was done to distinguish the difference.   it's the perfect camo for nighttime bombings :)    the decals worked well with the underbelly color you chose.   superb looking model.......airbrush would have to use a fine tip and the paint would need to be retarded,  so to keep the paint from drying as it leaves the nozzle.   I once built a Heinkel 219 'Owl'........I haven't seen this kit in a long time.   I've seen other kits that probably came from the same moulds though.   


it's a very beautiful model ;) 

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