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I'm a new member about to start on my first project. My home is Vancouver BC where I have a decent workshop with most of the usual power tools but I plan to build the model over the winter during an extended vacation in Europe with my wife's family. Its apartment accommodation over there so the dining room table will be my new workshop. I must break this gently to the Admiral - although there is a hospital nearby. I'm assembling small tools and supplies to take with me because I already have many of these at home and I know where to source others. My plan is the build two shallow work trays before I go to serve as bench tops on the table. One will have a home made vise to hold the model. The idea is that one tray can be inverted and bolted to the other through the edge strips to form a shallow box that can fit inside a suitcase and carry my supplies. Wish me luck.


My first project will be Mare Nostrum, a kit by Artesania Latina.  Chosen because it's designed for beginners and is well documented on this site. I've already started a build log even though the kit has not yet even been ordered. I enjoy online research almost as much as building things, so my first post is all about envisaged challenges. 



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I, together with the Admins and Moderators of MSW extends a warm :sign:

We are all here to help each other when we are facing issues with our builds, this happens to all of us, regardless skills.

Build logs are our friend, a source to find help and ask for the same.

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