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Hi All,

I am building a Model Shipways Bluenose model.  When I purchased the kit from Model Expo, I bought the paint set at the same time.  I thought they would have the truest colors scheme.  When I airbrushed the Light Grey on the waterways, I had trouble with large goobers plugging the airbrush.  No amount of mixing or thinning would dissolve these.  See the attached picture.  Since then, I've read a lot of negative comments about Model Expo paints on this site, especially when used with an airbrush.  Is there a way to remedy this issue?  Or should I cut my losses and see if I can return the unused paint for a refund and purchase a better quality paint?  Would they even do that?


Thanks for any advise!



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Hi Ed, 

I am sorry to hear about the issue with the MS paint.
When I bought my Bluenose the paint kit was included, however I never used it. It was way to thick to be used with an airbrush, even diluted.
I got Vallejo paint instead, which worked really well for me, this is just my experience. I know several others has used other brands of paint. 

I don't know whether ModelExpo will accept a return, but I would recommend to contact them and ask at least.

Finally, I just want to say :722972270:

Start a build log, so we can follow along and when you find yourself in a dilemma it will be easy for us to help you.

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Hi Guys, thanks for your replies.  I am going to at least contact Model Expo to see what they say.


I know I should start a build log.  But, I spend all my spare time building the ship!  Per, I think I'm turning into a Shipaholic!


I use both of your build logs and have gotten a ton of great information from them for my Bluenose.


Best to both of you!


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Ed, you a "Shipaholic" already? 
Oh my, well at least this therapy won't turn you away from ship modeling.😊
The therapy is open 24/7 but may not be staffed all the time (just me)🤨

And look into others Bluenose logs as well, there is a lot a "goodies" in our forum.



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