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Started assembly of 10 cannons  -  waist of upper gun deck.

Fitted new scalpel blades and broke out a new razor saw to cut out the carriage parts.

Assembled all the bits and then took stock.

Bits missing from the plywood parts due to delamination. these will need several coats of paint to cover the plywood

so decided to make good. Be as careful as you like  -  these bits will break.

Trunnions pre-fitted to barrels and about half were deformed and needed straightening.

Broke off three spoiling two barrels before throwing them all in the bin (not even the spares box !!).

Replaced with barrels from spares box.

Assembled basic carcase,  applied first of many coats of paint and fixed axles.

Axles are far too small for wheels provided  -  photo attached.  Will be replaced with wooden cocktail sticks.

Not looking forward to removing twenty axles without damaging the ply carriages.


One step forward,  two back.  Can't find replacement carriages of the correct period or I would have

binned this lot days ago.


Should have taken more notice of Mark's postings ref. armament on this kit.IMG_0646.thumb.jpeg.26b248abada6787e02e10268c9eb1531.jpeg


Turning into an interesting build.





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Thanks for the likes and, Marks comments.

Still trying to hide the plywood edges on the carriages  -  on my third coat of paint.

Wheels fitted to wooden axles and look better than the brass.

This is all taking time but worth it  -  these are the details that make or break a model.



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Thanks for the likes.

Upper gun deck waist carriages finished.  Next to install is the gun tackle.

Cannon and breeching ropes will be fitted at a much later date.

Tempted to install a bucket adjacent each position but wouldn't go any further.

Then on with the upper decks.



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  • 2 weeks later...

After several disastrous efforts at fixing gun tackles and not being able to source double blocks

small enough not to look stupid I gave in.

Final solution is a blatant lift from  -

Superdetailing the Cutter Sherbourne  by  George Bandurek.

Carriages end up fixed in the "stowed position".

0.75mm line is coiled twice around a wire armature then trimmed to 1mm long

and fixed in position.IMG_0659.thumb.jpeg.63fa2134095e5bf2ea9961dd6eaacabf.jpegIMG_0660.thumb.jpeg.648e1fbb7be27dd1a20eb2044f10479d.jpegIMG_0666.thumb.jpeg.b276aa5aa9ee80c18571a7d61b2b1bbe.jpegIMG_0667.thumb.jpeg.97c17c2e1f7385bc3afa7cbc2e1e57ec.jpeg

Not what I intended but the best I could come up with.



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Upper gun deck finished for now and waist gangway beams fixed.

Read Mark Tiedens post ref the gangway supports and, the instruction book supplied.

Agree 100% on the columns. (Replacements on order).

Will not be following the supplied instructions but will also go for one continuous beam

which will also cover the edge of the false gangway and the edge plank.

Occre's approach is to provide plywood where ever possible and, where seen  -  paint it red.

I'm trying for a more natural look.   Mark's paint job is superb but I can't re-create this quality

hence my reliance on stain and varnish.

Cannon barrels will be removed, blackened and stored for later.



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Thanks for the comments Mark and, everyone for the likes.

This kit is turning into a sturdy well designed build but treat the instructions as a guide only.

Compared with some previous kits the main framing needed very little work

but Oh, that plywood is still a problem with me.

Your build and Sferoida's show the end result is worth the hassle and extra work.



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Gangway blanks fitted and edges trimmed.  These will be reduced in height to suit the deck planking

after planks are fixed.   So lots of work over Christmas.

Second photo shows replacement columns.

Supplied by Cornwall Model Boats.   Ordered on line early afternoon and delivered the following morning

slightly more IMG_0671.thumb.jpeg.5056ea63e100cc8c075a810023b3553d.jpegIMG_0673.thumb.jpeg.5201bfe00681127d81d1dcf317ce2db4.jpegthan 20 hours later.  It helps that they are just up the road from me but still impressive.

The next build stages should go more quickly,  will be using kit parts and stock items.



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Thanks for the likes.

Attached is progress on upper deck planking.

Next will be the cabin walls.  The dreaded ply again.

I have already decided to plank them.

Also to be planked will be the inner bulwarks but I will use the ply pieces supplied as templates.


Happy New Year,


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Steering gear assembled and rigged.  Dry fitted for photo's.

Permanent fix before poop deck fixed due to limited access.

Instructions seem to be written to suit supply of parts in stages.

Probably explains why the kit arrived in six boxes.

Spending a fair amount of time moving back and forth through the instructions.

Getting it correct most of the time.




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It's interesting that you received it in six boxes. They have the kit in a single box at Ages of Sail.


You somehow received the kit from their supply of "Packs" or part kits, but I think the instructions are the same as the ones in the full kit.


This is the only kit I'm aware of where OcCre actually broke down the instructions into six stages to match the part kits. I have the Montañes as a part kit and you just build until you don't have enough pieces to go on, which now that I think about it, is going to be pretty weird.


Your NS del Pilar is looking great!

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Thanks for the likes and, your comments Catopower.

Post one of this thread shows how the kit arrived.

Six boxes of various sizes all assembled into a stout cardboard sleeve. This was plain, no markings.

This was placed inside a thin highly decorated cardboard sleeve.

You are right Catopower, I have found a website  (D'Agostini) who sell all sorts of kits

especially the full Occre range.   You can buy these in stages or, as a full kit.

I bought my kit from Cornwall model Boats (as a complete kit) during the pandemic.

Now I realise that this can be bought in stages the instruction book makes more sense in it's layout.

First thing I did on receipt was unpack to make sure it was all there and then stored it all

in one box, AL's HMAT  Bounty kit box (which luckily I didn't throw away).


Thanks for the imput.



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Hi Sam,


I was interested in the N.S. del Pilar kit, but I initially got turned off because of the oddness of the poop deck in the kit. The edge of the upper-most deck is oddly exposed, extending out past the bulwarks. This didn't seem right to me.


But, hen, I ran across some plans of the ship and saw photos of older models of the ship, and they all show this rather unusual feature. Readin a little about her history, and about how she was rebuilt in 1750, I'm guessing that the poop deck might have been extended to increase the number of cabins or cabin space on the quarterdeck below. 


I any case, I now find her a very interesting ship, and am enjoying following your build.

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Hi Catopower,

Thanks for the info and interest shown.

Before starting this kit the earliest build I attempted was HMAT Bounty,  1783.

Before this I kept to the 1790  -  1815 era.

So I assumed the odd difference was due to advancements in building technique

between 1733 and 1750 when she sank and later building practice and design.

I have already deviated from the plans provided and intend to treat the poop deck

very differently also.   This build will end up as a generic model and will be un-named.

Also, should you be on the poop deck puzzling over the weird arrangement and,

someone shouts  "dinners ready"  don't rush down the ladders to the upper deck

because someone left a cannon at the bottom of the stairs.  Looking at the height of this cannon port

above the deck it could only be used against low flying aircraft and would probably be stored elsewhere.

I used the ply piece supplied in the kit to locate this port and now wish I hadn't.IMG_0708.thumb.jpeg.8c80ba282363384cdaaabd49450d1663.jpeg

After all that, I am enjoying this build and it will end up an impressive piece.




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  • 1 month later...

Haven't posted for a while  -  been fixing the first planking. There is a lot of it.

For light relief have been working on the stern piece.

Attached photo's show cabin rear walls. Extra coat of yellow ocre needed

Next is the balustrading and lower stern piece.

Also the hull planking. Starting to question the wisdom of double planking.

There is so much of it.



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