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Bluenose I by Ed Ku20 - Model Shipways - 1:64

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After some prompting from Dr. Per (Nirvana) and a few others on the Forum, I decided I should start a build log.  I started my Bluenose kit on June 15th after a lengthy wait for it to be shipped due to the Covid19 pandemic.  I built several Revell plastic models including the big Cutty Sark when I was in my teens.  I also got the solid hull wooden model of the HMS Bounty up to the rigging stage before real life took over.  I never did finish it.  So, I recently retired and decided to pick back up on this ship building hobby again.  I've really enjoyed working on the Bluenose I.  After all these years, I really consider this my first wooden ship model build.  I selected the Bluenose because it is not quite a beginners model and I like the sleek lines and all the sails!


I decided not to purchase any practicums.  I've read a lot of the build logs for Bluenose while I waited for my ship to arrive.  I'm mainly using the procedures detailed on the web site of the "Suburban Ship Modeler".  I only have a few pictures from my completion of the initial framing stage.  There have been a few challenges.  For example I broke off the aft piece at bulkhead "O".  I know this is not uncommon based on other blogs.  I was determined not to have this happen to me.  Then I dropped something on the floor and caught the aft piece with the top of my head!!  Stupid!!  No permanent damage.  Just followed the advice of the others before me on how to repair it.  It took 20 days and 44 hours to complete the framing up to the installation of the Stern blocks.  Here are a couple of pictures of the progress at that time, July 5th.


In the process I am following, Suburban Ship Modeler said to begin planking the hull rather then turning the ship over to plank after working on the deck stuff.  This made sense to me.   I am currently 12 strakes away from completing the planking of the hull.  I will provide the latest pictures in my next post.  If anyone has advice regarding assigning Tags or other steps on the Forum, please let me know.










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Hi Per,

Please check my latest post.  I have already completed the waterway, including installing the extra supports.  I am not real happy with how this looks now.  My waterway is not level.  Also, the spacing between the stanchions is uneven, so the fake stanchions will not appear to be evenly spaced.  I plan to remove the bulkhead stanchions and sand everything level and even.  I described this in my last post, including the pictures.  I included a couple of questions concerning this in that post.


FYI, I received a response from Model Expo regarding returning my paint set.  I was told I could ship them back for a full refund.  They seem to be a very good company to work with!  I think I will use Vallejo paints as you recommended.  Can you tell me what Vallejo colors you used for the Reddish Copper below the waterline and the Light Grey Buff for the waterway?  The other colors should be pretty straightforward, black, white, yellow.


Best regards,


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Welcome to the Bluenose crew, Ed.  It looks like you are off to a solid start and making sensible choices as you get into it.  Ah, that aft end of the former - I snapped it off and repaired it at least twice.  It is just a finicky thing to deal with.


I am looking forward to watching your progress on a beautiful ship!



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