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Hey all not sure how many members are Canadian let alone women but here I am.

I work in a lot of different scales but started primarily 1:12 dollhousing.

Mostly I love that it lets me work in multiple mediums from PE, wood, styrene and even electronics!

 mostly right now I'm raring to go with the first run of photo etch but first I have to get my desktop rebuilt since I'm short the artwork!  so frustrating to be so close...


Anyways, that's me in a nutshell. Hi to you all!

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Hi Jackie, and welcome to MSW. Do you have a ship model you're building or planning to build?


Make sure you start a build log when you do - there's instructions on how to do that either here 

  or here 


 depending on whether you're making a kit or building from scratch. It's a very good way to get help and advice if you hit problems, and encouragement from people with common interests.


Looking foward to seeing more from you.  

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Thanks all for the warm welcome.  I'm a scrstch builder so I don't know about u but btw that and multiple mediums, (& a disability or two) it means that things take me a painfully long time lol.

  I hope it doesn't matter that the vessel I want to model is super simple.  Not a warship or schooner or anything more than the houseboat we spent a month on when I was a teen

 I tend to model either memories or gifts..


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