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I first saw a model steamboat being built over 35 years ago.  I was impressed with the model but never thought that was something I could ever tackle.  I was able to locate a kit after AL went out of business. I was not going to do a build log since it looked like this kit would no longer be produced. However, with AL new ownership this kit is available once again.


The bulkheads fit snugly and squared easily. The only issue was that bulkheads 4 and 5 were mislabeled.  Note that the sternboard was not put on at this time although the instructions indicate to do it.  Gluing it on at this point can result in an incorrect angle as noted in other build logs.  


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unnamed.thumb.jpg.a4292ba4b141027858fc45554f778435.jpgAt this point I went out of order with regard to the directions.  I built the main deck buildings (engine room and boiler room) for trial fitting. Other build logs have pointed out that the notches in the deck are cut in the wrong position and needs to be corrected or the second deck will not fit correctly.


Using the buildings as my template I located the position where the deck notches should be placed. The notches were cut out and the buildings trial fitted.  


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The main deck is ready to glued down and the hull planked but first a problem needs to be solved.  Many other builders have pointed out that the sternpost is way off from fitting correctly. Others have used various methods to fix the issue. I chose to shave the inside of the sternpost altering the curve and shaping the bow into a little more prominent curve to get a good fix. 






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Engine and boiler room have been glued to the main deck.  I stained the doors for some contrast to the planking. I also added base boards around the buildings although this was not part of the kit instructions. Instead of using acrylic for the windows I painted drywall meshIMG-0345.thumb.jpg.fb0c3c5fac88291bc1e5ea5ac3be2d7b.jpg tape black and glued in place.

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I have been working steadily but it has been slow going. Admittedly I am a slow builder. The second deck has been planked. Lots of fun, its just too bad so much of it will be permanently not visible on the finished model. Work on the state room is done. I added trim around the vents and base boards for a more finished look.




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