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Picket Boat #1 by John Gummersall - Model Shipways - Scale 1:24

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Add the top of the steam dome and it is starting to look like something




Boiler stand pretty straight foreword




On to the foreword end of the boiler.  This is were the fun starts.  I am looking foreword to this...

Instructions pretty straight foreword with the first part.   Note the four 1/8 x 1/8 corner pieces inside the structure.    You will need these if you plan to round out the corners going into the smoke stack.











Again a few minutes with the Dremel and the structure  is rounded going into the smoke stack.  Still need a little more sanding.








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Began to work on foreword side of the boiler.  Rather than use the 1/2'' dowel rod suggested in the instructions I changed that out for a 1/2'' pipe.    I just looked more like a smoke stack.


Interestingly enough, the dowel rod was 1/2'' outside diameter and the pipe was 1/2" inside diameter, so it slipped easily over the dowel.   Cut about a 1" length off the dowel and glued it to the top of the structure then glued and slipped the 1/2'' pipe over the dowel.   




Added the doors and painted the entire stack black




Below is the stack along with the steam barrel and rudder.   I was thinking of using metal straps instead of the card stock for the steam barrel straps, but could not find a 1/8" metal straps.   Everywhere I looked at local hobby shops and the internet were all out of them and did not know when they would get more in.   I guess blame Covid 19 for supply shortages.




Later added the stack bands (again card stock) and the door hinges and handles.   Instructions talked about  soldering the hinges but they were easy enough just to glue then.




Back to the hull,,,  After an initial sanding and some filling




After adding the both rub rails and some basic sanding - - still have a lot of sanding/filling in my future,









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Thanks for the comment on the stack.   I too am pleased with how it turned out.   However, I am way too much a novice model builder to have any original thoughts.    If it is not in the plans or in someone else's MSW build log, it is not in my build.   In this case the thought for the stack did come from another Picket build log.


After some filling and sanding ( a lot of filling and sanding) and a coat of grey primer below is the result.   Before the primer I thought the hull was pretty smooth, but as they say...  "primer magnifies your blemishes by 10%  and paint magnifies them by 100%"....  As you can see, I have some more filling and sanding to do before the final test of paint.    However, when it comes to painting I will be cheating... as I plan the final will be a flat black.   A whole lot more forgiving than if the hull required a gloss finish.




Took a break from the filling/sanding and wanted to take on something easier.   Decided to tackle the spar torpedo next.   Below are the results.


Nothing really hard about the torpedo configuration - that is if you do not follow the instructions.   The instructions call to pin and (somehow with a hammer) rivet the various pieces together.  No way someone of my skill could do that rivet process with such tiny pieces - or any pieces for that matter.  Instead I just pined and then CA glued the pieces together.   A strong bind and way easier then riveting them.


As to the tip of the torpedo, when I attempted to carve the point at the head, it did not turn out well.   Looked more like a bullet than a point.    Further work on it just could not get a point that looked good to me.    Again taking a page out of other Picket build logs, I make the point out of card stock.   Started with a compass and drew a circle.  Cut out a 25% pie wedge from the circle and then rolled it up to see the point.   From then continued to cut a bigger and bigger pie piece out of the circle until I got a point I was happy with.   When gluing the final result to the dowel, have the seam on the bottom of the torpedo and no one will see it.


With the spar and all steps in the future that require the use of pins or eyelets.   Use a .6mm drill bit to make the hole.  It fits the pins exactly.   


Also, the holes in the pieces in the brass sheet (that are to take a pin or eyelet) are not quite big enough to take a pin or eyelet.   Use the .6mm drill bit to enlarge each hole.   Looking ahead I expanded holes on all the brass pieces with the .6mm drill bit.   Same issue with the parts on the brass sheet that are intended to pass a 3/16 pipe.   Those holes are also little too small.   Best to expand them with a 3/16 bit before taking them out of the sheet.




Final spar mostly assembled.   I plan to attach the fittings to the spar when they are attached to the hull.



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