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Hello there again 

   as you know already from the title I am working on the Model space Victory and have a new problem now when I started planking at the stern  I notice the planking  is not coming out even with the other side as you see from the photos I have no problem removing a plank or two if it comes to that, since   I only added one plank on the left side so far and I even measured the distance from the bend to the edge of the stern which is 40mm from plank # 5, when I add  plank #5  to the right side it should be the same distance right, What should I should do to make them  even before I continue with the rest, I would appreciate any input from anyone who has done the model space Victory  thank you 



thumbnail (6) planking uneven at transon closer view .jpg

thumbnail (6) planking uneven at transon.jpg

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Ron, battens are thin strips of wood, e.g. 2 x 2 mm square stock, used to help judge the run of planks in a planking belt. They help you determine whether the run is properly following the curvature of the hull.

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