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Hi all,

I've just started a Panart Vaporetto and have noticed in other folk's builds that the seats inside the boat look incredibly grainy once they're painted and I would like to avoid the same finish. Is there some sort of "stopper" I could use to flatten or infill that grain prior to painting?




I'm not trying to go over the top (I was going to say overboard but maybe that's a censored word around here 😂), but considering that these bench-seats will be so easy to work on, I thought it might be worth paying them more attention.



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    You need to apply a wood filler like Minwax 21600000 high performance filler first.  This particular brand is my favorite as it's ready for sanding in about half an hour.  Then sand it down until you get it to your desired smoothness.  Once done you can paint it and have the smooth finish you're looking for.

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When I want wood to be smooth I use an automotive body filler meant to fill scratches in final or close to final sanding.  It adheres to wood w/o any problem.  Bondo Glazing and Spot Putty.  This isn't meant to fill massive dents, dips are voids - that's regular body filler Bondo.

I use an old credit card as a squeegee to force the filler into the wood grain - don't let it build up.  When cured I sand it and see how smooth it is.   If you want the part to look like metal or fiberglass multiple coats might be needed.

Some use Spackle wall hole filler the same way.

spot filler - sm.jpg

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