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AL L'Hermione - LEGO jig for alignment of stepped masts

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I posted a question a few days ago about alignment of stepped masts. I got several good replies but I still felt like I need something more. A visit with my five-year-old grandson gave me the inspiration I needed. LEGO! They are nearly infinitely adjustable, supply a stable and rectilinear base, and my grandson has approximately a million of them. Anyway, a picture is worth a thousand words. Here's the main mast of my L'Hermione just about finished up.


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I've got a small box of Lego as well as a 600 piece Meccano set, both really handy for temporary jigs / tools etc for all sorts of projects.


Unfortunately neither from my child hood, had to go out and buy new stuff but they've both paid for themselves.


(On the ToDo list is to make up some block/arms etc with neodymium magnets to use on a steel plate as a magnetic building board which I can combine with Lego jigs and particularly the Meccano.)



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Not a bad idea ! The only thing that would worry me a bit is that the LEGO-pieces would not be resistant to solvents.


Gave my big childhood box of LEGO away to a little boy whose mother helped my mother to care for my father in his old age (not having children of my own), but kept my meccano set (the German equivalent of it) for making experimental machinery.

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