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I have question about bent metal cast parts. These parts are from Occre old train kit. (Ref #56000) This kit was built in 2009 or before, and many metal cast parts includes these are already bent as most old discontinued kits do. 




The Occre's case is better than the AL's 1987 kit. The name plate of the AL ship was so bent that I couldn't put it in a ship without breaking a part. Fortunately, the AL's name plate is relatively simple that I was able to make the name plate with small CNC machine. 

However, the Occre's metal cast parts are so complex that I need 3D cad plan which is I didn't study yet. Fortunately, it looks like the vent is relatively weaker than the AL's case.


Is there any way to recover the slightly vent metal cast parts without damage? If not, I'll fill the space with putty, and try to make the fat parts naturally without pushing it...

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13 minutes ago, cog said:

Since the parts are oversized, couldn't you cut it

Hello, cog.

I like your brilliant idea. I already applied similar solution to other critical issues that this kit has. In this case, I may need to cut 3 times and create four pieces. :D

This old kit when the company was 9 years old in 2009 has many challenging issues. Not bad for practicing, but time consuming. 🤔


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13 minutes ago, cog said:

Hope to see the result in your buildlog.

Sorry about not having enough time. I'm very quickly building current kit to compare with the past unfinished projects. My priority is a wooden model ship, and I'm doing this for 'clearing a tower of kit'. For that reason, I'll skip the '2mm' errors which only railfans can find. 😆 (The putty is necessity due to an area of adhesive.)



I'm referring this well-written buildlog. This person did better than me. 


You'll see sepia-tone pictures soon. :D 

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