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So I have used copper plates in the past and had some trouble with them (specifically having them stay, I was probably using the wrong glue though). My current build is going to have copper and the kit came with copper tape, and I have had nothing but issues with that as well. I noticed when you take the backing off the copper it will bend the copper making basically useless. Has any one else used tape and had it turn out they way the want? I could use some help, I’ll attach a picture of a small sample I made to test the copper tape, as stated in the directions I’ll put them diagonally and then have one continuous piece following my water line. The planking surface of my ship would call for maybe a thousand or so copper plates at 6x12 mm. Would it be easier to precut my tape in this size and put those on individually? Thanks for the help!




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I made a video on this yesterday! I hope this helps you out. There will be minimal creases in the copper plate if you follow this method:



It takes a while to get used to that method.

Also wear gloves when working with plates!! I was just lazy to wear gloves in the example video. If you work barehanded, fingerprints will show up when it ages.



The instructions for the Syren Brig model ship are excellent, you can view the copper plating instructions here:


You basically start from the stern at the keel and work towards the bow and up



And for the jig to stamp the copper plates here:



Here is how my copper plating turned out after I followed the Syren instructions:







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The links above will help tremendously, especially the jig for stamping the plates.  One lesson I learned the hard way is that any finger prints, grease, dirt, etc. will cause sticking problems with copper tape, if not right away then eventually.  I carefully washed my hands every time I returned to the coppering process.  At times I actually wore white collectors type gloves, but the cotton ones can get fuzz on the plates so I used the nylon.


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