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Hi there from NE Ohio

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I just got the bug to start building model ships again. I started out about 50 years ago with a Scientific Constitution that never got finished - almost did though - just needed the rigging completed. Between moving numerous times, getting married, having kids and life - it never got completed. And, somewhere along the way the box with the plans/instructions and the rest of what was needed disappeared.


So, now I am getting ready to retire in January and I thought it was time to do ships again. After all I will need something to keep me busy.  I have had forays into wooden flying models (mostly gliders) on and off during the years, and wood working projects,  so I am familiar with working and shaping of wood. I will just need to break out the magnifying glass to work on the small details. 


I have be browsing the forums. What a great source of information. I think I will be doing a lot of reading here before I start a project, 


I know that one of my projects (probably not my first) will be the Niagara since it sits rests not more than hour or two from here, A visit will definitely be in order to see the real thing.


It's nice to meet all of you.



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Welcome aboard Tom!  It is nice to se another Ohioan here :)


As Lee said we do have a club that meets monthly on the 3rd Sat in the am.  During Covid times we are using zoom and it has been working out very nicely.  We even have some members form NE (sorta of) Ohio.  Member here @6ohiocav is in Zoar.  I am from Dayton area so we do get members from all around the state.  If you would like more info our website is Shipwrights of Central Ohio.  You can also pm me as well.


Niagara is very nice and @6ohiocav has a nice build log here.


Here is a nice explanation of how to start a build log


Explore around ask questions and have a great day

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Welcome to MSW, Tom. I'd highly recommend you start a build log (Meddo put the instructions in his post above). It's a great way to get help, advice and encouragement. And the rest of us get to see your model under construction. 


(By the way, a lot of people are a bit wary about starting a build log for fear their work isn't up to the standard of others here. Rest assured, the range of skill on MSW is from total beginners to demigods who write books on how to make models. And it's all about encouragement and help, not criticism. So have a go, get a log going and post some pics.


And enjoy yourself! That's what it's all about, after all.

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Thanks Louie - I probably won't be starting any projects till next February when I retire. I have been spending a lot of time reading other's build logs. There are some beautiful ships that folks have built. I'm learning a lot just from reading the logs and seeing what tricks folks have used to make things go smoother. This site is amazing!

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Welcome Doxi

Just saw your post and when I saw you are from NE Ohio it brought back a lot of great memories of time spent on Pymatuning Reservoir catching bass, lots of walleye and the occasional muskie about the time you were working on the Constitution.    


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My dad and I fished in Pymatuning when i was a kid. Most of my fishing has been done in the Akron, Kent area (West Branch, Mogadore, Wingfoot, Portage Lakes, and Nimisila reservour), and also our family yearly trip to the land of lakes in Ontario, Canada. I haven't done any fishing for the past 9-10 years. I hope to change that next year.

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Wagga Wagga (usually just called Wagga), but Woy Woy is kept in full. Woolloomooloo. Wollongong. Cootamundra (it's on the Gooramundry Creek - presumably these were both approximations of how the name was really pronounced).


Wendouree (that's the lake we have at Ballarat - the story is that it's the local aboriginal word for "go away", presumably what one of the locals said on being asked the name of the lake - though it occurs to me that it might not have been that polite.)

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