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Recently purchased this kit from Steve at Cult man, Included was the PE, masking for the globes, and I ordered the light kit. Started build for my son-in-law. All ok until masking the plastic globes. Followed instructions in addition to checking U-Tube to cover all bases, masking was tedious to say the least. After masking in place washed with future to prevent paint bleed. Dry did procedure a second time. Applied gold acrylic for metal frames. Removed masking no paint bleed thru but masking left glue residue on clear plastic areas. Did not attempt to remove believe cannot be done without keeping the integrity of having clear globe.


Called Steve at Cult man explained the problem asked if replacement globes and masking could be provided (at no cost) he stated I would have to contact Pegasus.

Placed a 2 calls to Pegasus Admin. with my complaint and request, never addressed problem. Return call to Steve at cult man advising no response from Pegasus hoping he may assist noting he is a reseller no response.

I have no idea if the masking was defective, or old and lost its integrity or maybe I screwed up in application. But should have received a reply from at least Pegasus. emails from 9/16 to 9/23- 2 to Steve- 2 to Pegasus Admin.

Pics attached John Allen



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Masking tape residue may be removed with mineral spirits.  Using odorless mineral spirits, gently applied with a soft brush and then blotted off with a very soft cloth, may work.  Brush bristles and cloths can potentially scratch the clear plastic, so you have to be very careful, however it may take a little light brushing with the odorless mineral spirits to loosen the sticky residue, and you may need to do it more than once to get it all off.  It’s important not to use the mineral spirits in standard paint thinner because it may be mixed with another chemical that may harm plastic.  Since the gold is acrylic paint and not enamel, the odorless mineral spirits would likely not affect it.  If the globes came with clear plastic sprue, and if you have any left, you could do a test on the sprue by first sticking some of the same type of masking tape on it, applying Future to the edge just as on the model, and then applying the gold acrylic.  Let it sit, unmask it, and if there is residue, try out the odorless mineral spirits.  I hope this helps, and good luck with your project.  (BTW — I am also a fan of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea — nice choice of kit!)

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