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Barco Catalan by Gbmodeler - 1:48 Scale - Mediterranean Fishing Boat- FINISHED

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Even though I plan to keep the hold open and visible, I thought I better build the hatch covers that might normally be seen.  I do not really know what the fishermen did with the hatch when they went out (stowed them or left them on shore), but I decided to stow them under the deck, aft. 

Hatches built and unpainted...


painted and weathered...


Stowed away.


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Also decided to throw in a net (made from mosquito netting) and some floats (made from cork slivers).  Of course, the cork came from my favorite Spanish bottle of wine!






In this photo, the net was just placed and covered with diluted white glue.  The glue is still wet.  It won't look so shiny when it dries... 


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Beautiful model! Well done!


I saw your photos in the gallery and just scanned through your build log and will go back and study it closer. I love these small, working vessels. Your weathering is wonderful and I've never seen some of the techniques that you have used. Your build log will be a great resource for me.

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