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HBMS Amphion 1798 by Matrim - 32 Gun 18pdr Frigate

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I've spent the last portion of the week musing on scale. My last attempt was at 1:60 i(if I remember correctly) but I would prefer to work at a larger scale as it makes things less fiddly. That naturally introduces space considerations though these are lessened just because it is a 32 Gun ship so is slightly smaller than other same period frigates.


The ships body lengths could be taken off the plans but unless built as hull only are not the main factor and it was only after several MSW members helped me to try and translate a sail plan (leading to Mark P linking a contemporary mast dimension plan for a 32) that I could get slightly more accurate figures.


The key two needed were the bowsprit and jiboom and driver. The sail plan listed the point the spirit sail 'started' and that allowed me to approximately place the jiboom and the plan provided the correct angle.



Give or take a cm or two this should give me a relatively accurate length. Width was dependant on the main yard width with some additional allowance for the stunsail booms and then reduced by 10% (I am having the yards angled to reduce space and already tested this on my Bounty allowing me to measure the space 'saved') . Height was less important so though I had the correct mast sizes calculating the correct height was left and I instead extrapolated the main mast height from my Diana model (38) above the deck and then reduced it by 94% which appears the average size reduction from a 38 to a 32. Height will also be impacted by how it will be displayed and as that has not been decided yet it becomes still less important.


I then through up a horrifically badly drawn sketch to mark these down at the correct scale





The measurements against the ship are in millimetres


It is certainly going to be 'big'. It is always useful to find something to compare the model end size to and I think I succeeded in that the dresser this computer is sitting on is almost the same size. The model will be 8-9 cm longer and the same wider so the width and length are very close (admittedly most of the length and width will be rigging and yards). Height wise it will end up being around half the height again.




Pluses are that it will fit through doors with slight care - a 38 at 1:48 would fit through my doors with around a cm spare so with 'extreme' care. It will also therefore sit on a wider dresser than the one shown (or a table). I suspect my wife wont let it in the house so it will potentially decorate my work room when done but as I stated earlier ship modelling is more the journey than the result.


If I put it in a glass case then that will also be huge.


Next I have to think more on materials. At least for the frame at this point.

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Well I waited for my wood delivery to arrive and arrive it did. Just as we hit lockdown and I had to turn my modelling workspace into a home office (which it still is and will be for two-three months). This has caused a fairly natural hiatus in any worthwhile progress. A couple of weeks back I did take down my youngest sons wardrobe and as I did so I moved to the garage some of the nicer bits of wood and especially paid attention to the solid wood door and some of the support pieces. By flipping it on its back and drilling the support pieces underneath I just so happened to make a nice building board saving a few bob.

Here is it temporarily shifting my monitor/keyboard out of the way





It is sitting on the only space space my workshop currently has so on top of the router table..



Next steps are to mark the correct measurements (max breadth and keel lengths so I can make sure the 6 A4 sheets that make out the base plan are correctly placed)  and then add the plans. All of which I can do so over the remainder of the 'forced work from home'.

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Not quite at the building stage yet (my new work desk apparently arrives 15th October at which point I can switch my home office from my workroom back to the house and start building).


I do have some slight progress. Thanks to the generosity of fellow MSW member Mark P - who kindly offered to use his larger printer to print out a lovely full size copy of my base board plan (to avoid having to try and do so on my A4 printer with resultant possible join errors) I now have a lovely base plan on the building board ready for work to begin.




lovely. I can't wait :)



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