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Yes, I have a question. The base one is about usability of Shapr3D. Work is intuitive and really simple. 

But hulls are complex shape and construction.

So. My question is what kind of model I can use for? Only for some parts of model or I can create whole ship.


Second question is about any tips. I used several CAD and 3D software, so I can find my way. But I know every CAD has own way of proceeding. So. I will appreciate any tip for ship modeling in this CAD.



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Well...   thats a tough question.   Shapr3d is like CAD, but is not CAD in its truest form.  I seriously doubt you'll want to manage modeling an entire ship in Shapr.   You can, however, model the entire ship in parts on shapr.   But trying to amalgamate all those parts into a single model will likely exceed the capability of your Ipad.    You could model framing, or deck construction (in parts) or handled as seperate files/projects.   You could even model a hull, but its not as easy as using regular AutoCAD.    Working with lines and then extracting a hull form from that is not as precise (or is not as automated).   Are you trying to 3d print parts or plan a build?   If you you are planning a scratch build, then this CAD is not the right choice in my opinion.   If you are designing a capstan, or cannon assembly or some other small part then its great and will export to whatever 3d printer you want really well.    

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Fusion 360 is another great program for this purpose, can also be used for creating sheet metal (p/e) parts.
Haven't tried Blender but have heard a lot of good about the program.
Yes, all CAD programs has a learning curve, some are easier in the beginning just to get started but also has a lot of potentials.
I am to combine Fusion 360 with Cura for slicing to create the 3d object. My Ender 3 V2 arrived today, which will be a lot of fun to use.

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