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New Addition: An Absolute Novice

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Photo Bud here, living in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, United States. I have been interested in building a ship model for almost two decades and have accomplished almost nothing! I have built many plastic airplanes, helicopters, and ships of all sizes including a Revell Cutty Sark that came out pretty good, but suffered a 7 foot (2 meter) fall many years ago but I still have 'cause I can't bear to throw it out. I'm also a model railroader of many decades. In addition, I've been dabbling in Raspberry Pi and Arduino electronics. So a jack of many trades, but master of none.


Back in 2004, I joined the email list of Seaways Ship Model List  (and even recently got some new emails from it about buying and selling kits). I bought several kits around that time and must admit my first goal was to build a Constructo Cutty Sark which I have always loved, but one look at it made me realize there was no way I would ever attempt to build it with my limited skills. I had also bought a Model Shipways Dapper Dan with the intent to make it sort of look like an HMS Surprise but when Mamoli came out with their version, bought that one too.


After buying those, and realizing I would not be able to do them justice, I bought both an Amati Bluenose and an Amati Endeavor, hoping they would be good learning models. I started the Endeavor and got the bulkheads installed and shaped the mast and then got cold feet when it came time to adding the strakes. I'm hoping that this forum and some of the videos available here will get me off backside and make some progress.


Please bear with this novice as I attempt to learn and do.


John (aka Bud aka Photo Bud)

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Hi Bud and welcome to Model Ship World.  We were all absolute beginners at one time.  When I started in this hobby, there was no MSW.  It is a good idea to start a build log on your Endeavor.  If you have any questions about your build, just ask and you will receive answers from the membership.

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Welcome Bud

I to have build many a plastic model and tried my hand at a wood boat many years ago but put it away shortly after I started.  I recommend the following thread on this web site:

 New to ship modelling? But what do you build first?


I am a big Novice when it comes to wooden boat models.  I've built the Grand Banks Dory and learned so much from it.  I'm building the Norwegian Sailing Pram now and continue to learn a lot.  I had started another boat when I decided I needed to back up and learn and practice on a easier and cheaper model.  Good luck and as has been stated above, start a build page for any boat you build as you can get a lot of help from others and improve your learning curve.

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Welcome to MSW!


A bit of philosophy.  You’ve already spent the money with the whole fleet of kits that you have bought.  Pick one, read the instructions, and get to work building the model.  Work as slowly as possible.  If you think that you have messed something up,  don’t try to instantly correct it.  The next day you’ve had time to think things over to come up with a correction.


It’s also possible that you have two different styles of model kits.  The European kits are what are known as plank on bulkhead kits and require planking, twice, once to establish a smooth foundation, and a second time to look good.


On the other hand, if it is packaged in a yellow box your Dapper Dan is a solid hull kit, entirely different.  This requires finishing the “precarved” hull but no planking.  Dapper Dan is Model Shipways interpretation of one of the famous Baltimore Clippers and should make an attractive model.


Pick the model that you feel matches the skills that you already have and get busy.  If you ruin the model to the point that you can’t repair it that’s ok.  You will be better prepared to tackle the next one.  We’ve all been there.  And remember, drug store isopropyl alcohol dissolves hardened yellow wood workers glue.




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Hey Bud,

North Carolina newbie calling in return to say welcome to the group...You will fit right in, and if you stay a while, I hope you too will find it a rewarding and encouraging environment.  Lot's of talent out there willing to share information, opinions and advice.  Share your work and experience if you can by doing a build log and we can follow along from afar.

Cheers (and get out your vote),


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