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Self-made small horizontal milling machine

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A small horizontal milling machine specially designed for working with model parts of sailboats.Completely meet the needs of processing copper and aluminum and wood. Using three-phase motor frequency conversion control; Speed 900-1850 adjustable; ER25  Chuck Spindle; accuracy 0.02; main table adopts screw feed, vice table for slide rail fast feed. The whole machine weighs 155KG. The production period is 17 days.:dancetl6:











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11 hours ago, wefalck said:

That's a pretty big machine ...


What is the brass part on the middle of the x-y-slide, a steady to support long parts when milling in the dividing apparatus ?

Hello, wefalck. Nice to meet you. This milling attachment I completed last year was originally used on my vertical milling machine. But there are advantages to using a horizontal milling machine for some parts. So I built this machine myself. The upper brass support seat is adjustable and firmly locked, and when machining longer parts, the small support plate is always moved by rolling gears to ensure that the support seat is under the knife edge, only manual operation is required.

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10 hours ago, wefalck said:

You are right, for certain milling operations the visibility is much better on a horizontal mill, than on a vertical mill, though they would be geometrically possible on both types.

Yeah, and sometimes there's a problem with the clamps. In particular, the narrow components on the milling slot processing。

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