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A new beginning to an old project. I acquired the Amati Endeavour around 2005, let it sit for awhile and then started it, only to drop it again after minimal progress. Here is the kit box.



Got the bulkheads installed, deck base added, and started mast tapering (seen on the grooved board I used to keep it straight over the years).



Sorry for the messy area, but the desk will need to be cleaned of model railroading stuff before I restart this project! lol


btw - The tools alone were "almost" worth the cost of the kit. Used several of them over the years for other modeling tasks!

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My apologies to those who have supported me in this and have encouraged me, but medical issues have brought me to a standstill, both physically and mentally. I'm hoping after my next set of procedures, I can get back on track with both ship modelling and HO train modelling. Until then I take comfort in watching this forum and occasionally adding my two cents worth!

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