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Thank you form allowing me to join the group. I am a retired Electrician

A number of years ago my family gave me a couple of wooden boat kits. Last year I finally decided to start putting them together. The first model was a Midwest "The Dinghy" Second was the The Muscongus Bay Lobster Smack
Many hours of frustration huge learning curve.  

I have been working on the  18th Centry LongBoat by Shipways.464973720_TheDinghy.thumb.jpg.4c7e984b77c3cb6637d6881a75bb4204.jpg242850512_MuscongusBayLobsterSmack.thumb.jpg.f84caa4f9cd326429ebd4a8ecbc2fb25.jpg1497887801_18thCenturyLongboat1750-1760.thumb.jpg.13fc277728797a69c63f2f870d59303d.jpg s. 

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@Ryland Craze Thank you for your comments, I have learned a tremendous amount while building the Longboat.   Many mistakes, mishaps and successes. 

Not sure of what I be building next.  I have 2 Midwest models, SharpieSchooner and the Peterborro Canoe.  Also I have Chris Craft 1938 27' Triple Cockpit Barrel Back.   I just ordered the Elidir Thames River Steam Boat Wood Model Kit by Constructo.  What's your thoughts as I am a novice builder.



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David, The 18th Century Longboat is not the easiest model to build.  Based on the pictures you posted, I do not think you would have a problem building any of the kits you mentioned.  It sounds like you have learned a lot and improved your skills from your previous builds.  I would build whatever kit that appeals to you the most.

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David, welcome to MSW. One of the best things you can do is to start a build log - even for a model in progress, it's a great way to get help and advice - and encouragement. The instructions are here:  https://modelshipworld.com/topic/24705-before-you-post-your-build-log-please-read-this-starting-and-naming-your-build-log/



Those models look very good. However steep the learning curve may have been, you are already producing creditable models. Keep up the good work, and don't fail to ask questions if you need assistance. The people here are very friendly and helpful, and there's a lot of expertise freely available.

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Hello  David


Yet another warm welcome from Down Under, this time from sunny Perth.  Great looking models indeed!  Yet to start on my first wood ship build coming from a range of model building backgrounds.  If I can do close to what I see with yours, then I will be a happy quokka.



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