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Pinky Schooner GLAD TIDINGS 1937 by Jerry Sturdivant - Model Shipways - Scale 1:24

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Laying the keel, so to speak. I’m doing what an amateur shouldn’t; deviating from the plans. The Center keel is so thick, ¼” that the laser cutter wouldn’t properly cut through it. So they made a port and starboard center keel of 1/8” each and they’re to be glued together.


The plans say, after doing the ½ bulkheads on each side, THEN glue it together; but I watch the video of this young lady building it a different way:




Here’s port and starboard center keel glued together.





Shave 2.JPG

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Jerry, You are off to a good start.  By following Olha's videos, you will do just fine.


You can add photo's within your text. After downloading your pictures, just place your cursor in the text and click it where you want to add the photo.  Then click on the plus sign on the photo and it will be added within the post.  After you post your picture, you can add more text and repeat the process to add more pictures.

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Thanks, Ryland; you've earned a free ride in my boat...


I'm doing some of my fairing ahead of time, thanks to the blue prints. (Should I call them white prints?). A little pencil work (being sure to cut the correct side).




Then cut it down to where I hope it should be. I'll leave the fine fairing for when it's all together and braces are in.















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Now to gluing the ribs. When trimming the wood gaps where the laser cutter stopped, I didn’t clean the carbon very well and noticed the yellow glue didn’t bond well.




So when I flipped the glued-together center boards over, I spend more time sanding the carbon off.




When these last few ribs are glued, I’ll add some glue all along where the ribs contact the center boards. I will also sand the black carbon off the exposed parts of the ribs you see here before adding the planks.

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Looking good.  Those braces will serve you well as you fair the bulkheads for planking.  You may already know this, but the fairing, while it can be quite boring and doesn't show much progress, is an incredibly important part of your build.  Take your time and get it right, and you will be rewarded later with a beautiful run of planks to cover up all that work on the bulkheads.  :)

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