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Byrnes Draw Plate

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Greetings to all,

I received my draw plate form Model Machines today,a finely made tool indeed. I am at a point on my Confederacy build where I have to decide whether or not to trunnel the hull. I do intend to do the deck planks when I get to that point. I have never used a draw plate before,so any advise on the right way to use this tool and suitable wood would be appreciated. I tried using a split bamboo skewer as material and judging by results I'll be spending the winter (my build season), just making trunnels.  I also have no idea of the diameter these would have been on a frigate sized ship.  With the 1:64 scale of the Confederacy an Inch is .015".



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Clamp the plate in your vise. Split the bamboo into narrow sections. Only use the layer just below the hard, glassy exterior as the inner parts are far too soft. Whittle one end of the stock to get it to feed through a large hole in the plate. Progressively pull the bamboo through the plate in decreasing sizes, feeding from the flat side of the plate (this is most important!). I use parallel pliers to grip the stock. The fibers of the bamboo are less likely to be crushed. Make sure you pull in a straight line at right angles to the plate. When i get to the medium/smaller size holes, I pull the stock through each hole twice.


Once you have the hang of it, you can produce treenail sized material very quickly.

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Thank you,druxey,much appreciated advise. I was feeding from the opposite side of the plate,using the wrong part of the bamboo.


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John, if you can find some wild bamboo, it is so much better than skewers. Living in Mississippi, I can get all I want. For what it’s worth, I started using bamboo, with a Model Machines plate and soon realized how many I would have to make. I resorted to the drill and fill method. Even doing that it took a long time. I did a rough count and I think it’s in the area of 8000 if memory serves me correct. Good luck!

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