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Duchess of Kingston 1778 by rafine - Vanguard Models - 1:64

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This looks really beautiful.  The level of detail in this kit is stunning, and it all looks well conceived and engineered.  You’re doing a wonderful job with it!

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I have now begun work on the masting and rigging. The first work was to construct and mount the lower masts. This involved shaping the mast heads, adding the cheeks, making up and mounting  the platform assemblies, doing the wooldings, adding  deadeyes and blocks, and mounting the completed assemblies. Blocks attached to the head will not be done until after the lower shrouds and stays are in place. Over the years, I have settled on my own sequence of steps in the rigging process. I will proceed by doing the lower shrouds and stays before constructing and mounting the upper mast sections. The rigging will go from the mizzen forward to maximize access.











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Excellent work. I wish I'd followed your lead in rigging the lower masts first on my Speedy build. I followed the kit instructions and completed each mast assembly before rigging, then cursed having to seize the shrouds and stays round the mastheads in situ.  I'm currently repeating the curses as I struggle with the topmast shrouds.


However I must say you're brave fitting the railings on the tops at this stage. If I did that I'd be sure to break them before I'd finished rigging! 



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Thanks so much Glenn, Matt, Derek and the "likes".


My methods and sequence are what I have come to be comfortable with over a long period of time. I don't claim them to be the best or only way to do things and I know from discussions on this site and elsewhere  that there are others who disagree, particularly  about rigging from the mizzen forward. My only concern is with the best methods for me. If they work for others, all the better. Like you, I learned the hard way that it is easier for me to rig shrouds and stays before upper mast sections are in place.



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