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Hermione La Fayette by NickvN - Artesania Latina - second wooden ship built

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The Beginning

Hello Everybody,

My name is Nick.

I'm new on this forum, besides I have already gone through it a few times, and thought i may post my own topic about my build log of the Hermione la Fayette from Artesania Latina. I haven't seen a built log before of this ship, so I'm the first i think.

But some things about myself:

I'm 15 years (almost 16) and do this hobby since a year. I'm coming from the Netherlands, so that may be the reason that my English is not always perfect  ^_^

I love Sailing, and do this a lot (every saturday). I'm doing this almost 5 years. I have also a few certificates achieved, and I'm allowed to sail alone  :D  :D

I also love this hobby, and begun last year with the Albatros of Constructo. This has gone very well and the result is pretty good.  :P

I'm doing school, and have almost vacation. So i hope within two weeks to really begin with this built. I'm hope i can make a fully build log of this ship. For now, I'm just waiting to reseve some new tools i have bought, with the reason i hadn't got good tools (I have a dremel from my father, and some sanders, but really modelling tools not). I hope to reseve them forthcoming monday or thuesday. I let you know when they arrived, with pictures of couce :D


But enough of me, lets see some pictures of the ship itself: :cheers:

Some pictures of the outisde of the box:



As you can see, it is a pretty big ship  :D  :D :



And the inside of the box:



Much paper work, but i have got trough them already, and know where to start ;) :



And a scale foto of the ship:



The wood:



And the metal parts:







As you can see, most of the original wooden parts of a ship are replaced for metal. I found this very ugly, so i decided to remake most of the metal parts into wood again. I hope i can succed in this:

An example I'm going to change:





And then we have also the laser-cut parts:





And at last, but not least, the beautiful sails that are already made for you, so you only need to assemble to the ship :D  :P :



So a lot of picture, and for me a difficult but great new build. I hope I can soon begin with the build itself, and I let you know then. 

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Hi Nick


first of all i wish you a good luck with your new project.

I have ordered the same kit and i will receive it maybe next week.

May i ask you if the kit has a base, because i cannot see it?


thanks a lot



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Hi Sokrates

When you mentioned if there was a base, i thought there was. But i have looked up, and found there is no base suprisely. So i think i have to make my own base.

Luckly for me, and reccomended for you, is that i have bought a Building Slip from billing boats.

A foto of it:


You need only put it together (a easy work), and then you have a nice base for you ship, and you can also attached the trusses perpendicular, what is essential for a good result. Essential of cource is that you make the building slip itself perpendicular.




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Hello Nick!

I have the same kit in my closet.

Maybe you know they are rebuilding the real ship in France, it should be ready in 2014 if i remember correct. Ships original name was Hermione, rebuilt one is L'Hermione. There is a video of launching the ready hull: 

However, that project reminds us, how bad those AL's kits might be: totally unreal, unhistoric and way too different than the real ships. Plus those horrible metal parts (in my kit, there is even more metal parts, than yours)... I thought that i'm gonna built the real Hermione instead of that unhistoric awfullness what AL suggests, but that process wasn't at my skill level yet. :P

Which version you're gonna build?

Good luck with the process. I'm following your build in high interest. :)
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HI Nick, and welcome to MSW.........you seem to be a very talented young man and it's nice to have young blood like yourself on board.

there is plenty of talent here at MSW, so if you need any help with something, don't be afraid to ask :)  


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Thanks everyone for comments!!!
This gives me a real boost in my work. And thanks for letting me know your interests in my built log. I would need your help.
Toch Sokrates: I'm sorry, but there was not such thing you showed on your picture.
To M.Pajulahti (en rest to): yes, I have seen the built. I found it very interesting and very nice. It has me set think of my own ship. Because I maybe wanna paint my ship, just like that ship, soms it will be original . But I don't know if i wanna do that, or if that would ruined my ship. What do you al think??, and which paint should I use then?
I have seen some builts were they painted the ship, so I know what I supposed to do, but with that I need also help.
For the rest of the ship I have to say: I have decided to change a lot, as I mentioned before. I hope I can succeed in this.

P.s yes, I'm gonna built the original ship, and I'm very lucky with the less metal parts. I had already mentioned that, and the shop I bought it mentioned also there are sometimes updates of the kits. By the way, I'm gonna make the ugly lion on the front in wood. This is a big challenge for me, but i love some difficulty in my built  :)

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That's wonderful to hear you're gonna do it the same way than I. Maybe I should give it a try and start it too, so we can change our tips about modifying. Since i'm pretty newbie myself, we're in the same line in this.

Biggest thing i've been trying to figure out, is the stern. It's a bit different in real ship, and i don't know how to modify it properly. I guess it needs to be lowered, because it should be higher.

Big challenge, indeed. :)

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I know what you mean. And I have another thing I wanna change, and that's the most difficult part of my built i think. You know there are metal made gunports with the gun's already in them. I found this very ugly, and so i decided to make real cannons , and make a new sort of dek, so that i can replace the false cannons with real cannons, if you cna understand me ^_^  :huh:

Also, to talk about with what i wanna finisch my boat, I have decided to use Rustin's Danish Oil. I found a post on a forum of a guy who used that, and the result of his ship with the Oil was wonderful. So i decided to do the same. But because i wanna paint the boat, I only need to use it on the dek :D  :P

I think it's a wonderful idea if we can help each other with the built.

I hope I can soon begin with the built. Also, at the end of this they, my new tools will arrive.

I will show them as soon as possible :D  :D

And about the stern: I think you are right. I'm going to search about it, and I will also do some other researches. I will let you know. 


Cheers :cheers: ,



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Yes, i have the same metal gunports with guns in them. Also, my other cannons are full metal too. Very ugly! You are lucky to have even some parts of those in wood. I was planning to make them from wood too.

I was studying about the stern and figured out it might be pretty ok after all: the parts in the kit doesn't need much modifying, which is very good. I want to make some little interior in the captains cabin, and the only problem is the floor (part no 16), which maybe need some little modifying.

I have already started that build, and i have the keels and bulkheads glued together. I've been also making the gundeck larger.

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Hi Nick, another Nick here.

I did built this kit a few years ago and still have the finished ship.

But I'm afraid there is no build log.

If there is anything I can do to help then please just let me know.

best of luck with the build, you changes sound like a good challenge



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Hi Nick,


From me also welcome to the wonderful world that calls MSW :D


You are never to young to start with this hobby.

Your English is very clear.

I can understand it :D:D

I will take a seat and will follow you closely !

Any questions , just ask them and there is always some one who has an answer.

You have a fine looking kit there.

Golden rule with this hobby is…….take your time and measure twice and cut once…...

Then there is another custom here and that is when I follow a build log, there is always a popcorn machine available

If you want the popcorn machine let me know.

For drinks you have to ask Mark ( one of the moderators or Wayne Tripp).

Those guys are the barkeepers.

Last thing I want to say is…enjoy your build and have fun !



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Hello Nick,


Welcome aboard.


You are one of out youngest member. It is great to have you here.

I hope you will post pictures of your completed Albatros in the gallery.


Good luck with this beautiful ship.

If you have any questions or issues, just ask away.

There is always someone around to help and advise.


I'm looking forward to your build.

But first good luck with your testweek and I will keep my fingers crossed for a good result.


I wish you smooth sailing with our gallant crew.



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Hello Everybody,

Thanks for comments. I love to hear such nice comments on my project. Anja asked if i would put some foto's of the Albatros on the site. The Albatros is almost done, but the sails have to be mounted. The only problem is, that I'm terrible in sewing, so I have that deferred ^_^  ^_^

By the way, Pajulahti: You have give me a good idea. I think I'm also gonna make a little captain cabin. Tell me what you did, so i can learn from you. I am also make the underdek lager, as you mentioned.


Cheers :cheers: ,



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Hello Everybody,

I have good news!, my tools has arrived. But because I'm very busy, I can't make photos of them. I'm really sorry about that, but I hope I can next week (after my test week on school) show them, en fully begin with my built. Next week I'm also gonna cycle to a local shop 35 kilometres from my house, to buy some other things i hadn't bought, but I also need (because of my changing plan to make some big changes to the ship, for example the Captains Cabin). I let you know soon when i have that, and show the new tools :D  :D


Cheers  :cheers:



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Hello Everybody

Today I'm going to a modelling shop, to buy the wood for the things i wanna replace, and some other things.

Now I doubt if I wanna paint the boat, with the original colours like the one in Rochfort, or not and leave it in natural woord.

What do you think I shall do?





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Hi Nick,


To quote other members " a warm welcome at MSW"

Now referring to your question ;

I don't know about the Netherlands but in Belgium , special retailshops dedicated to  modelling are becoming scarce in the " internet-era".

However : I purchased 50 yellow-looking wood strips (1x4 mm)  through such a shop a few years ago, and I hope they're still in business.

I used them for my Diana and I'm quite happy with it.


here's a recent pic at close range



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Hello Everybody

The day has come!! :cheers:

I will begin with the built of the hermione la Fayette (or have begun :P )

As I told before I will post each day I'm working on the boat (will not be every day) a update

Comments etc. are very helpfull

By the way, I have decided to not paint the boat original colours. This because to replace al the metal parts is very pricy, and I want to see the wood good :)


I hope you will enjoy :D




I begun the day by searching, searching, and more searching. This because I want to make the lower dek larger, but i had to know how. I have figured out how (I have to modifed the keel). A few days erlier I have bought a large balk of wood (to make into blocks) and put that between the trusses. I also bought a largeplate plywood to make the lower deck of (in one piece, insted of a lot of pieces).


Also i had to figure out what I'm gonna do with the Captain's cabin. Also fot that I have found out what I'm going to do. You will see the changes on the foto's, but next time I will show you on paper which changes I have made :D 

After searching, I begun to set up my working area. Most times, I work inside, in my small room (3 metres by 2 metres, with a large bureau, i can easaly work on), but it was a sunny day, so i decided to work outide on the table:




First of all, I have numbered the trusses and other laser-cut parts ;) 



Then ofcourse i begun with cutting out the keel (with my knifes, this goes very fast, and very easely):


I have looked, but the keel is almost completely right. On some parts, between the trusses, Its a bit crooked, but I don't mind that (if i put the trusses on, it will be right, because of the blocks i will but between the trusses).


I have modifed the keel, as you can see on the next photo's.

And I also cut away some at the back of the ship for the captain's cabin:





Put on the keel:



And putting it onto the false keel was a difficult work (I had to get used on the new clamps):





As you can see I have got it finally into the right place  :D   :D

But i looked then onto the clock, and saw that it was already 11p.m so i decided to stop, and work futher the next day (today already for me  :P ).

So I have come not so far, but I work very neatly and very slowly. Only then you will have a good result  

Edited by NickvN
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ZyXuz, you are right. But my working place in my chamber is large enough to work on. 

The keel is everywhere straight, so don't worry (it was a bit crooked, but i have put it between to straight planks, so it can be bended straight, and now it's really right). Today I'm gonna modify the trusses, and put them on the keel, and maybe I have the time to make the new deck.





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