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My name is Tom and I hail from central North Dakota, USA. As seems to be common among this thread, I too am a beginner ship modeler. I will be starting a build log on my new/current project, scratch building the nuclear fast attack submarine USS Tinosa, SSN 606. My dad served on her as a sonarman in the mid 70’s. 

I’m a 35 year old family man, helicopter aviator, and currently reading through a couple books, Patrick O’Brians “Master and Commander” and “The Line Upon a Wind: The Great War at Sea 1793-1815” by Noel Mostert.  I found my way here by trying to self educate on terminology and construction of sail powered men-of-war. 

Im looking forward to getting to know you all and am eager to learn and broaden my understanding of sailing ships and modeling through conversations here.  (One of these days, I plan to get into something that involves rigging😉). 


Best Regards,





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Welcome to MSW!  Regarding learning the rigging, you'll soon learn as you start doing it!  To look at a square rigged vessel it can seem terribly complex but the reality is that it is quite logical.  And good instructions for rigging a model should show the lead of each line from the point it controls down to the relevant belaying pin at deck level.  Patience is a necessary attribute too!  I am sure you'll enjoy the process.  

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11 hours ago, allanyed said:

Hi Tom,

Welcome aboard!    I wonder if you are our first helicopter pilot/aviator!!   Would love to hear more about that as our youngest son flew Blackhawks for 22 years before retiring.




I know of one or two former combat pilots (Vietnam era)  here and also several others (besides myself) that were crew members during that same time.  I'm sure that there's others but have forgotten.

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Welcome aboard Tom.


Outside of the Skipjacks I have never been much of a fan of SSNs as a personal build. But I am certain that I will enjoy following your build log, especially if you include any insights your dad may have passed on to you about serving on them, "Back in the day." To me that is what really can make a model come alive.


As Mark has already said, there are a couple of former rotor heads here that have followed the "Who needs wings?" credo at some point. Plus a couple who insist that flying under 500 KN in a buttoned up flaming tin can is not really flying. You should fit in easily.

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Thank you Mike, and thank you all for the warm welcome.  I'm excited, seeing how diverse everyone is here, location wise at least.  I must admit, I haven't had a lot of personal interaction with Australians.  As far as other nationalities, my flight instructor for helicopters was English, and had served in the Royal Army.  We had a some good laughs in the cockpit and he had a few good stories to tell.  He was good help in finding the local restaurants that served up a decent Fish-n'-Chips with good beverages to boot.

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Hmm... Lou and myself were chopper crews in 'Nam.  He in US Army Huey's and I in US Marine CH-5's.  Another member (Canute) was an F4 front seat guy.   I know there others but not remembering who.  


I'll add, I was qualified as an Avionics Test Pilot... no pilot's wings but I got to fly in the cockpit and participate in the testing.  Flying backward isn't for sissies.  Had a couple of amusing mishaps related to doing that.

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