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HMS Kent F78 by RGL - FINISHED - Trumpeter - 1/350 - Type 23 Frigate

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Very nice build Greg.


I am not normally a huge fan of the modern day warships and don't know all that much about them, but this one is to say the least a very handsome ship. It is also amazingly complex and your build has certainly covered both those aspects well.


I am surprised to see the Soya in your stash. I thought I had the only Japanese icebreaker in captivity. I bought a Fuji class breaker some time ago as kind of a companion for my Burton Island icebreaker. If I remember correctly it is not all that detailed. Have you found enhancements for your kit? 

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No other than what you can find through google and such. I couldn't find the "war colours" in my British & Commonwealth WWII destroyer book either. You could take a look ate the other Tribals on these pages (not just Aussie vessels were blue, but none was completely blue for the Brits) - Zulu not in it though:

Foto 23-02-2021 11 54 16.jpg

Foto 23-02-2021 11 54 26.jpg

2021-02-23 11.54.40.jpg

(Photographs from Brittish & Commonwealth Warship Camouflage of WWII, by M. Wright)

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Wow, how did I miss the finish line on this one??  Greg, amazing work as always.  You really set the bar high over here.


@RGL, I saw you have the Soya kit - I just found out that Pontos makes the Soya in 1/250 (I think their first complete ship kit).  Looks like an incredible kit, but a bit pricey.  The Hasegawa one looks good too for sure.





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That's a good price.  I've been waiting for an auction at a decent price point that included both the PE and the wooden deck, but hadn't been successful.  People were asking a ton for the wooden deck!  I was surprised that the model is fairly small in both scales.  The 1:250 Pontos version is only 30cm long.


Seeing it in your stash, I might have purchased the Pontos kit yesterday (was last kit in an online retailer's inventory)...shhh... 🤫  🤐

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