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Hello Everyone,


My name is Mike, and I live in Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire.


For a number of years I wanted to have a go at wooden ship modelling, but never had the time. Then I retired and lockdown started - so the perfect excuses to have a go! I got 'Pickle' from Caldercraft, and had a happy 4 months or so making it. Now I've got the bug and am halfway through Caldercraft 'Bounty.' Have been getting useful tips from the 'build logs' as I've found the instructions rather sketchy after 'Pickle'.


Thanks for having me on board!





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Welcome to MSW, Mike. I remember when I was a kid learning that Grimsby was a fishing port. And learning later that its name was a Viking one - comes from "Grim" one of Odin's nicknames.


I second Mark's advice to start a build log. It's a great way to get help and advice and encouragement. The instructions are here: 

And you can probably use the search bar at the top right of the page to see if anybody else has done a Caldercraft Bounty. (Actually, I just did, out of interest - there's quite a few of them, including at least two finished models. They should be helpful in doing your own build:


https://modelshipworld.com/search/?q=Caldercraft Bounty&quick=1


Don't worry if you make mistakes - we all do that; the more experienced members just make more interesting ones :D. A lot of very friendly, helpful people here, so ask questions! LOTS of questions! That's what the forum's here for. And have fun.

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