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Member's solved count - how does it work?

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I was surprised and gratified recently to be notified that I had provided the best answer to a question raised in the Masting & Rigging sub forum by @glbarlow. I've now noticed that there's a green tick labelled "Member's solved count" on my posts. I wasn't aware that this feature even existed! Glenn explained that he had clicked a button at the bottom of my post to mark it, but I can't find any such button.


I've had some great help from other members when I've asked questions on the forum, and would certainly have used this feature to mark their posts if I had known it was available.


I'd appreciate some advice on how this feature works and how I can access it.





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I see it here down next to the "Quote" button at the bottom of your post.   It's purpose is to acknowledge someone's solving an issue.  As an example, the issue you provided an answer to, up in the black divider with your screen name and "posting time" info, you'll see a "Problem solved" statement.


Note that it doesn't seem available in all the sub-forums but it is in most of them.

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Many thanks. Like Bruce, I couldn't see the 'Mark as solution' button anywhere - now it's magically appeared! 👍


Needless to say, I have just used that function 😀






Still can't find the button anywhere else. Is it perhaps a function that only appeared on new posts very recently?



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11 hours ago, bruce d said:

a very welcome feature that is still a mystery to me

Still a mystery to me too. I can now see an 'Unmark solution' button on post #2, presumably because I started this topic and it was also me that marked the solution originally. I can't see that button on other posts with solutions in other threads, which suggests it must go with authorship.


However, I can't see solution buttons on topics I've started in other sub-forums. Presumably that feature either isn't available in all forums, or the feature wasn't available when those topics were started.


It would be helpful if one of the administrators could advise on this... 

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