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The birth theory of Christopher Columbus in Pontevedra Spain.

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Hello, as I said in my post introducing new members to this forum, a theory about the birth of Christopher Columbus is gaining a lot of strength, and it is nothing more than the birth of the discoverer in Poio (Pontevedra), a small village in Galicia, in the northwest of Spain.
I list some facts in which we can go deeper if any of you are interested. They are the following:

  1. It is true that there was a person, born in Genoa (Italy), whose name was Christopher Columbus. His family was dedicated to the dyeing of fabrics, one of the most difficult jobs and of worse condition because of the odors that were released and because the arms were dyed to be working hours and hours for the fabrics to acquire different colors.
  2.  In the 15th century, for a person of such humble origins to have access to culture was very difficult and to be received by the Kings was unthinkable.
  3. The caravel Santa Maria was called, before changing its name, "La Gallega" and was built in Pontevedra.
  4. If you take a map with the names of all the towns in the Pontevedra estuary, you will see that the names with which Christopher Columbus baptized the discovered towns are the same.
  5.  In the innumerable handwritten letters of Christopher Columbus (all in Spanish of the time) there is no Italian word or grammatical turn. Sounds strange, doesn't it?

This is just an outline of a theory that began in the 19th century, which we can discuss in this forum.


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