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A bit of progress on Effie. The deck is planked and scraped, but needs a bit of trimming around the various deck openings.  With no top timbers on the frames, sanding and scraping the deck planking was easier than when there are bulwarks or top timber framing in place.


There are stanchions between frames versus having top timbers on the frames. The frames stop at the same height as the top of the deck beams so the stanchions will be the support for the bulwark planking. 


When framing the model I placed small blocks between frames to give added strength.  Coincidentally, these act as a stop for the stanchions.  I have drawn these blocks in red on the attached.


I have started fitting filler decking pieces between the stanchions to close in the decking around the stanchions as shown on the photo.







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Hello Allan,

I am interested in the Effie Morrissey because I am a Newfoundlander and an amateur ship model builder. Can you tell me where I could a copy of the line plans of the schooner. I am quite impressed with the model you have built, and I would like to build a model at the same 1:48 scale.

Bob Halliday

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Hi Bob  

Sorry for the delay, just now saw your post.  I got the drawings from the Library of Congress.     https://www.loc.gov/resource/hhh.ma1719.photos/?sp=1&st=gallery    Click on [ Drawings from Survey HAER MA-168  ] which is on the left side of the page that opens a little down from the top, and they all come up.  They are free.   There are a ton of photos as well.   She is sometimes referred to Ernestina as well as her name was changed when she was sold in the 40's.    PM if you have a problem and I can forward the drawings to you.   


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thank you for this great log and providing the link source.  I have never figured out how to search there........  and Bob, thank you for finding this completed log and asking the pertinent question.

Effie, now Ernastina is here in Boothbay Harbor, Me in the later stages of a multi year complete rebuild.  I have been on her a few times and would like to share a few views.  if either of you would like to see her, I can make some contacts for you.

enjoy below. i have a few more if you are interested. My focus was Bowdoin that was next to her being re-planked last year.  all this photos are in my Bowdoin  diorama log




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