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Greetings from Niagara, ON.


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Hello modelers, 


I've been lurking for a year but joined in May. I figured it's time to introduce myself. My name is Sean and since I've seen a fair amount of representation from Southern Ontario I felt comfortable to pull up a chair.

My journey on your fine site began after a received Model Shipways Armed Virginia Sloop kit as a Christmas gift 3 years ago. After assembling the bulkheads on the keel and massacring the rabbet I concluded that I was hardly prepared for this hobby. Months of research, build log scouring and Bob Hunt's practicum had me back in the driver's seat and I've loved every minute of the build, even the "tedious" bits. I restarted in April and finished last month. I owe a lot to the invaluable information I've learned from MSW's members.

Prior to my first model ship my only modeling experience has been hastily assembled plastic cars as a child, Lego, and more recently miniatures for use in board games.

I'm not sure of my next model but I recently stumbled upon Euromodel's Royal William kit at a thrift shop. I bought it immediately but it is almost certainly beyond my skill level right now. Therefore I have two questions:


What would be the most appropriate forum to ask for recommendations for my next project?

What would be the most appropriate forum to ask questions about how old my Euromodel Royal William is?


Thanks everyone. Take care, be safe.


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Welcome to MSW, Sean!


You might like to have a look at this thread - it might help you decide what to make next.



On the other hand, as you've already completed one model, you might want to tackle something a little more advanced (though I believe these are still very worthwhile models to make). 


I just had a look at Euromodel's Royal William - I can see why you wouldn't want to tackle it straight away. Beautiful ship, though! And when you're ready for it, it'll be something to be really proud of.


Whatever you do make next, make sure you start a build log. The instructions are here: 

It's a very valuable way to get feedback on your model, advice, help and encouragement. And we get to see your build!


And don't be afraid to ask questions - there's no such thing as a stupid question - and you'll probably find any problem you encounter has already been faced and solved by someone on the forum who will be most happy to help.





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