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Viking Knarr by JohnN - FINISHED - Dusek - Scale 1:35

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I have decent progress on the rudder and rudder mount, although the mount is quite tedious  and not particularly well designed.


I have installed the four frame tops (parts 29 and 35).  I feel this was the proper order, as they add nothing to the hull shape, and might have been problematic as no reference is readily available for good installation earlier in construction.


I have also made a start on the main mast, which requires quite a bit of material to be removed, and will thus take some time to shape.

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Main mast is permanently installed and rigging has started.  Photos Real Soon Now  ... (edit, delivered)




The mast required a slight bit of diameter reduction at the base as well as slight flattening towards the bow, as one of the frames impinged on the mast mount.  Easily remedied, but I did not notice when dry fitting.  The mast was near perfectly positioned once these adjustments were applied.


The fore stay is completed.





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Finished first step of rigging.  It would have been quite helpful if the instructions included approximate lengths for the various components, as well as more text describing a suggested process.  I neglected to account for the stacking at the top of the main mast when cutting rough lengths, which added to the overall fun of this step.  A couple of the stays appear slightly wonky in the photos, but did not appear so to my eye.


I presumed the forestay was first, based on the instruction illustrations, then noticed @Daryl's build log (1:72 Viking Knarr) where he ran the forestay last.  🙀 


Debating whether to use the sail.  As I ponder, on to the yard.






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Yard installed as well as associated rigging.  A couple hours of tidying and I think I will call this project finished.  


I might experiment with the sail, but, even if I do, I will not install on the model.  Will summarize in a post or two.


Thinking about the next project.  Perhaps MS's Lobster Smack, but, the build log here and an unconvincing reply from MS customer support regarding addressing some of the major documented issues have me considering other kits.  All suggestions are most welcome.









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Installed the rudder, finally, and I declare this model finished.    See last photos at end of post.




Overall, a satisfying project.  Reasonable price for an entertaining build, a good value.  For me, the choice of the 1/35th scale was correct, given my skill level and preference for larger scales.  



  • Reasonable increase in build complexity from MS Pram
  • Good quality materials
  • Supplied planking material installed without excessive fuss
  • Rigging worked better than anticipated
  • A presentable, attractive result, IMHO


  • Instructions are minimal, and for my skill level, lacked detail.
  • Lots of time spent pondering build steps given above
  • Plywood material had lots of tarry residue, sanding was laborious
  • Largest rigging size was insufficient to complete work
  • Mast rigging seemed to lack realism.  Perhaps a trade-off for reduction of complexity.
  • Blocks replaced with aftermarket parts.
  • Fit of some frames required a lot of adjustments
  • Some frames likely installed reversed, discovered when fairing for planking.  





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  • JohnN changed the title to Viking Knarr by JohnN - FINISHED - Dusek - Scale 1:35

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