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Andrea Gail by downeaster - Billing Boats 608 - 1:60 scale

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off to a good start! :)    I did a scratch build using both of the billing kit's instructions.   I still have some of the info I dug up.......the kit is based on the Movie 'the Perfect Storm'.   the boat used in the movie as the Andrea Gail is called the Lady Grace.

1937884128_ladygrace1.jpeg.dd3cc80a8a620c1799e42fb5829e8819.jpeg  715914534_ladygrace2.jpeg.4a5a9967a39320bb1439f4e2f0919b62.jpeg

you can see where they painted over the name.  the HAnna Borden was another ship as well.....I haven't been able to find out what ship they used for her.

    I want to do another scratch build.......but so far,  I only have one picture of the actual Andrea Gail


one day........perhaps ;) 


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Both halves glued together. Got planking complete. Sanded down then filled and sanded again. Thanks everyone that has stopped by to watch my build.


Thanks popeye for the extra photos.


The movie "perfect storm" had a female captain named Linda Greenlaw as part of fishing fleet. I have met the real Linda Greenlaw portrayed in the movie. 

I live on the coast of Maine, so working boats are what I enjoy building. 



Built a Ice machine on to the deck. Ice machine to keep the ships catch on ice.




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the hull looks really good :)   here are some of the articles I found.


Lady Grace also gets harbor berth | Archives | gloucestertimes.com

HANNAH BODEN | Eastern Shipbuilding


I must have tossed the other articles,  but I do have a PDF of the search for the A.G.    there was a person where I work that knows the family,  but I have yet to meet her.   the Billing kit that your building does show the elongated stern.   that was one of the aspects that,  considering how I built mine,   that I didn't add to her.   my log should have the links that I seemed to have dumped .


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Back at the bench. This kit is great. I removed parts for the next step. The part is to "square" for the look I like to see on my build.20201119_124335.thumb.jpg.acebe9a4b53d98b18216b01a556207b8.jpg


I scratch build a replacement that is more "round" like the real part on the boat. It is more work but will have a better look to the finished model.


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these bit were probably the most fun I had with this model........I used bamboo skewers.   there are four different diameters that I used.  good not to used the ply parts.......usually the laser cutting causes ply separation,  and then it's a repair job ;)   really look'in good :) 

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