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Another Duchess!


Initially I was reticent to post another Duchess of Kingston build log as four master craftsmen, in the form of JamesH, Bob Fine, and the two Glenns, have posted outstanding logs as of this date.  Since we all approach modeling a little differently, and in an attempt to give this log some meaning, I will point out where I have departed from convention, if at all, and what successes or failures I may have encountered.  As a youth, prior to the discovery of cars and young ladies, I modeled both ships and airplanes.  I few years back I rekindled my enthusiasm for modeling, and absolutely appreciate this forum no end as it buoys the enthusiasm and provides so many very helpful tips and instructions. 


Since I'm late to the party I will be posting pictures of the hull frame with completed fairing, and ready for bulwark installation.  The first thing I noticed about Chris Watton's unique design is that the modeler does not have to worry about making sure each bulkhead is true, square and aligned.  This all important task is take care of by virtue of the of the longitudinal stringer that run the length of the hull.  I felt I was constructing a bridge designed by German engineers with so many components designed to keep me on the straight and narrow.  Secondly, you will note, from the pictures, that I was perhaps a bit over zealous when fairing the structure, having created some rounding on a couple of bulkheads.  On my previous two attempts I didn't fair adequately and had to deal with minor hollows.  Not this time!


Now to the photos:



  • IMG_0004.thumb.JPG.0572553c8913c705b022fc94872992a3.JPGIMG_0005.thumb.JPG.485de92651373183ac139d0293229a12.JPGIMG_0003.thumb.JPG.9ed5edf7d173d36495b80d17d0b39998.JPG


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One last comment.  I did experience a little difficulty installing the false deck as suggested.  I chipped a small portion of the deck when extracting from dry fit.  Next time I thing I will split the deck longitudinally as I believe Bob F. did, and avoid the damage and angst.



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