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Duchess of Kingston 1778 Royal Yacht by Rustyj - Vanguard Models - 1:64

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I've been grabbing a bit of shop time here and there and have been working on the masts.

To work on the masts I obtained a new Proxxon MF 70 mill. Tools, gotta have tools!

Anyways it came in very handy when shaping the square ends on the masts.


Here are some of the various mast parts.DSC00351.thumb.JPG.f2da7cf3e7234c39b3ef71bfd9647865.JPGDSC00360.thumb.JPG.1e298c55932a2690d49f6830e25bfabf.JPGDSC00353.thumb.JPG.d3bbf6411d36ee31f4a6f8261a22654a.JPGDSC00359.thumb.JPG.538dcc9607c19b5584c68bd188fd922a.JPG


And here is the Mizzen Mast and yards.



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Thank you Glenn and Jean-Paul. Also for all the likes. 


On ‎4‎/‎2‎/‎2021 at 2:04 AM, glennard2523 said:

It will not long before you start adding the rigging.


With my expanded work schedule unfortunately rigging will go slowly. With one day off a week it leaves little time available. When rigging I don't like to jump in and out with a half hour here, forty five minutes there. I prefer to have a couple of hours at a time so I can "get in a grove". 


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Thank you Chuck, Glenn and Glenn.

5 hours ago, glbarlow said:

maybe call in sick for an extra day

Oh so tempting. They tell me we'll be back to a more normal schedule in early May. Hopefully they're not blowing smoke up you know where! ;)


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I note from the date interval of your postings that things still may be a bit hectic for you on your outside duties. I have to believe this is an escape for you.


You were a subject of conversation with the NJ modelers group last night. The highlight speaker failed to show so Ryland brought up the 2014 NE Conference pictures and there you were! You make such an impression with your modeling everywhere.


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Thanks Joe. Yes still 6 days a week. Though the activity is decreasing I've still have to put in the hours.

I just pick away a bit at a time and I post once I've compiled enough. 

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