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1:24 Muscongus Bay Lobster Smack - Model Shipways

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Muscongus Bay Lobster Smack: A new Shipwright's Series kit.  Skill Level 3     

Scale 1:24     Kit #MS1472

Overall length 14 1/2 inches – Width 3 3/4 inches - Height 14 inches  -  Baseboard 4 inches x 10 inches







Completed model - Photo Courtesy of David Antscherl

This kit is the third in the new Shipwright’s Series of progressive model tutorials designed by David Antscherl for Model Shipways a division of Model Expo. These kits fill a void in our hobby for simple but good kits that teach the new model builders the necessary skills to enable them to move on to build bigger more complex kits.

For many years, Midwest Model Products manufactured a great series of kits that were designated as Level 1 through Level 4 and designed to teach the beginner wood boat modeler the basic skills a wooden boat modeler needs to learn. New ownership cancelled the line several years ago and the hobby has needed replacements which Model Shipways is now providing with the new Shipwright’s Series.

The instructions for this kit like all the instructions for Model Shipways kits are downloadable as a pdf from the Model Expo website. https://modelexpo-online.com/  If you are curious about this or any other Model Shipways kit downloading and reading the instructions is worth the time.



The typical MS blue box

608226323_INSTRUCTIONS-PARTSLIST.thumb.jpg.6c63253e5873bc931e42a35ee102ec92.jpgInstructions and parts list

The Muscongus Bay Lobster Smack kit is labeled as a Skill Level 3 kit both on the box and in the instruction booklet.  The first two kits had information on experience needed (or helpful) to have before starting the kits.  The level one was simple; “No experience needed.”  The level two kit was more specific: “Some previous knowledge is necessary in order to be successful.”   The first paragraph on the first page of this level 3 kit has the following advice from the kit designer.  “This is not a ‘first time’ beginner’s kit.  I want you to be successful, so strongly recommend that you build the Model Shipways dory or pram kit first.  You will learn the basic skills and techniques needed to successfully complete this kit.”  The author thought this important enough that red ink was used for the entire paragraph.

As in the previous series kits the tools needed are called out as well as some that are nice to have but not necessary are listed for the benefit of the newer builders these kits are aimed at. 

Unpacking the box finds a full color 38-page full color instruction manual, a list of all the parts contained in the box, 16 sheets of laser cut Basswood, cloth for the sail, a plastic bag containing two diameters of nylon rigging line, a plastic bag with Britannia castings: six cleats, two oarlocks and four turnbuckles.  Two pieces each of  1/32-inch x 1/16-inch and 1/32-inch x 3/32-inch Basswood strips and a six-inch piece of 3/16-inch dowel complete the kit contents.    

Overall, the materials are good for the kit’s intended purpose as a learning experience. 

This kit is a fitting follow up to the Level 1 and Level 2 kits previously reviewed.  I recommend it as a good learning experience that will prepare one for the challenges of a multi-masted model.  Model Shipways has provided another step in the learning process that is needed in our hobby.  

Laser cut sheets - 16 total374252886_SHEET1.thumb.jpg.1ebb7a2765464032fd552b14329e0e21.jpg




















                                                                                            Blocks, nails, eye bolts, rings




                                                                                    24 and 18 Ga. Copper wire, Brass strip and Brass rod




                                                                                                     Sailcloth and rigging line




Smack 3.jpg


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The rigging line in the kit is better than the typical kit line but I got spoiled with Chuck's rigging line.  There is no comparison between Chuck's line to any kit's rigging line. 

However, if I had known that Chuck was dropping the rope I probably wouldn't have mentioned it.  In fact I have now edited out that sentence.

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On 2/27/2021 at 5:07 PM, kurtvd19 said:

The rigging line in the kit is better than the typical kit line but I got spoiled with Chuck's rigging line.  There is no comparison between Chuck's line to any kit's rigging line. 

However, if I had known that Chuck was dropping the rope I probably wouldn't have mentioned it.  In fact I have now edited out that sentence.

Thanks very much, Kurt

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