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Cutty Sark by Sailcat - FINISHED - Revell - PLASTIC - 1/96 Rescue kit bash morphed to Dame Tisane

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Cutty Sark had a mechanism for releasing the anchor similar to the diagram for stock and fluke as above but it simply suspended from the cathead if i recall correctly. I might be wrong though. I don't have my Campbell drawings here with me. Perhaps someone with theirs in front of them can check as I'mabout 99% certain it's shown on them.

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Thanks for all the kind words and thanks to Jim, Popeye and Sailor123 for your answers to my questions :D


Advancing forward now, dealing with the occasional bout of disbelief and trying not to get impatient had resulted in some more work, go figure, lol.  Here we go with a batch of progress photos.


After all this time I have finally tied off the lines for the boat davits, which had been hanging loose.  Here I applied the 'zero tension' strategy by dabbing diluted PVA into the blocks to lock the lines in such a way as to simulate tension.




I chose to simply hang the rope coils off the davit 'cleats' after perusing images on the Internet, it seemed like the common method.




Attaching the life rings onto the aft rails, just a dab of GS cement.




Bumkins (aka bumpkins aka boomkins) being affixed to the hull.  At first I had planned to modify these but instead I left them as is in order to represent the kit origins - something I have done here and there through the build.




Hanging the anchors ... here is where I was applying weight to the forward end and then soaking the line in diluted/tinted PVA to give the illusion of weight tension.




The result with the anchor canted more realistically.  The tint in the PVA is diluted black China ink, not a lot, to give the lines a dirty look when the glue dries.




A bow view shot of the anchors in place.




Attaching the 'chains' to the bumkins, some thin black nylon in this case.  This is the midships bumkin.




And here's the aft bumkin.




While I was attaching the blocks for the running rigging I consciously chose not to attach the blocks for the braces with the fear that I'd wind up getting confused and use the wrong ones.  Sage forethought as I would have made more mistakes ... but now comes the time to attach all the rest of the blocks for the braces.  A look at the mizzen mast with additional blocks in place.




Putting the blocks on the bumkins - this is the port aft bumkin.




And the port midships bumkin.




Here we go with the first brace, mizzen royal starboard, loosely in place.




Both mizzen royal braces in place with slight tension.




And a not too clear view of the mizzen royal braces tied off - additional detailing like rope coils yet to come.




So now there's just the rest of the braces to do ... just ...


This is the part that I never thought I'd get to in times past.  Getting here fills me with mild disbelief and moderate elation, but also there is the growing concern of what happens when I tie off the last line and glue down the last rope coil.  The question of who gets the Dame and where she will stay is still up in the air, thought I now have a place for her to reside temporarily while I figure this out.  However, such concerns I am putting aside until such time as they become the primary ones, right now I just have to concentrate of making sure I do the braces correctly.


Stay tuned for more ... but hopefully not a Lot more ;)

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JIm Lad raises  a point I just started contemplating:

 Question 2:  If the anchors were stowed for sea, the cables would be unshackled and brought inboard and the anchors stowed on the forecastle. "

My question is where I might find a picture / drawing of an anchor stowed on deck. 


AND your ship is GREAT!!!  I love build photos showing solved issues.



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I thought braces were those things that people like me use to keep my pants up, the belt still works, but. Thinking of ordering a pair, be more comfortable than taking a double turn on the buckle and giving it a tug before  securing.    :cheers:


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A Big Thank You to all of you for your kind words and encouragement :D


And at the risk of sounding like a TV Commercial - It's All About Braces!  Last post I ended with the beginnings of the mizzen braces being set up.  Since that time I have been puttering away at it, a bit at a time, and remembering to take a few photos along the way.  With that, here we go.


We start with the mizzen Royal and Topgallant braces in place - view is from starboard.



These next two are the start of the Mizzen Upper Topsail braces from both sides for perspective.





And now the Mizzen Lower Topsail braces.



Finally the Cro'jack (or Crossjack) braces.



A view of the tie-off's for the braces - I'm going by the 'incorrect' kit instructions at this point because it's how the model is set up and the thought of trying to research and adapt to be more realistic is very, very, very intimidating, lol.



Do the next thing ... which in this case involves the Mainmast Skysail braces.



Followed by the Royal braces.



And the Topgallant braces - again all of this is as per kit instructions.



The Upper Tops'l braces being rigged - you can see the dangling line from the upper tops'l pendant.



The Upper Tops'l braces in place now.



The Lower Tops'l braces being rigged.  Hard to see for all the rigging now but trust me, they're there.



And we end with the Lower Tops'l braces in place.



What I haven't gone on about, nor shown, is the 'fun and joy' of the tying off of the braces to their respective pins on deck.  I can say that I accomplished it with no breakage or snapping of lines in place - how I did this is a mystery to me though ;)


So almost through with the Mainmast braces which will only leave the Foremast braces to complete.  And at that point I will call this adventure over, which is probably why I have been procrastinating a bit.  Funny and contradictory, but for these last 4 1/2 years all I could think about was the perceived impossibility of actually 'finishing' this re-build, yet now that the finish line is within reach, close enough that all I have to do is reach out and grab it, I find that I don't Want to, not really.  Oh, there are always more things to do, like build the display case and find a home for her, but I am now getting the full realization of Why people put themselves through the seemingly Herculean effort of building and rigging these kinds of ship models - repeatedly.


Before now if I'd been asked if I'd ever do something like this again I might not have had an easy answer.  Now though my answer would be, "Of course I will.  The only questions are How Soon and What Kit."


And on that note I leave with the bittersweet certainty that this is the penultimate post in this Build Log - unless I find a way to draw it out even longer, lol.

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Thanks for the kind words and encouragement once again :D  


The display case is planned but I haven't really looked into it yet, soon though.  And that's because this is my last post for this Build Log ... yes, it's finally 'done' in the sense that the work on the ship itself is as complete as planned.  There's still the case as mentioned, plus little tweaks for the final appearance adjustments.  But for now I'll just get on with the last photos.


Fore Royal braces in place.




Fore Topgallant braces.




Fore Upper Tops'l braces.



Fore Lower Tops'l braces loose fit before tying off.




Fore Lower Tops'l braces tied off and Course braces loose fit.



Fore Course braces tied off.



The last of the decorative rope coils in place and the finish line is crossed.  :dancetl6:




The Dame Tisane.





And the rest I'll save for the Completed Model Ship thread.  Many thanks to everyone who looked in and provided much needed advice and information.  Special thanks to Jim, Dan, Popeye, Dafi and likely others who've slipped my mind, for helping me out repeatedly when I was struggling with stuff.  It's because of you folk that I was able to get to this point :D


And as to what may come next - I've been feeling the itch to do other things hobby wise but I also can't stop thinking about the next nautical adventure.  Perhaps the New Bedford whale boat, I really like that kit ...

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Congratulations Kats.  It's been a long haul and it looks like it was worth it.  Sit back, have a celebratory beverage and be proud.  That is one helluva accomplishment and should set the standard for detailing and re-building.

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Kats, I have to admit that when you started I really doubted that you'd ever get to the finish line - it just looked too big and too complicated a project.


You've done wonders, mate!  My warmest congratulations on a very complex job beautifully brought to a conclusion.



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Just realised I never really congratulated for the great result ...



Oops - me either  :huh:  :huh:  :huh:  :blush:  :blush:  :blush:  .


Great job Kats. I'm with John - that mess you showed us in the beginning would have been way beyond repair for just about anyone on here, including me. Your persistence really paid off :) .


:cheers:  Danny

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