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La Recouvrance from Soclaine made in France is a cheap $100 wooden model ship kit. La recouvrance at brest is a modern sail ship based on 19th century's original name ship. When I started this kit, I had to choose between old 14-canon la recouvrance and modern 6-canon la recouvrance with screw. My choice is...... following a historically inaccurate kit manual due to a lack of skill. 😥 


Some of you may remember that I introduced a metal cored mast technique when I joined this forum an year ago. I encountered heavy technical issues I didn't know, especially durability and corrosion, and I decided to stop to build this ship until I solve the issues and prove the metal cored mast is cool new technique. A year has passed. I had no chance to solve the problem because of COVID-19. All public libraries shut down, and material application science was not my major. I don't give up to apply multiple material compounds with wood to wooden model ship, and still think it is a cool idea, but it is time to wrap up 'this kit'. I will finish this kit regardless of metal cored masts. Therefore, please forgive me for not updating the article for years.😪





I didn't touch this kit for an year. All the parts were assembled in 2019 when I wasn't a member of MSW. :) 




Here is new comer. I didn't notice this compass tower an year ago. I didn't know how to read drawings properly... and now too.




Using 3D printer, I printed out the 4mm x 4mm x 2mm transparent compass chassis. I agree that I'm lazy man. 🤪


You may see many inaccurate or unrealistic parts due to lack of my knowledge and skill. Please don't hesitate to tell me any issues. I may not be able to fix all the issues, but I'll try to reduce them. 


One of member finished same kit in 2013. :) 

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I'm very pleased to see another Soclaine kit being featured here, since we rarely see them. True that Soclaine are not on the cutting edge of kit design, but they offer some interesting subjects, and Recouvrance is a beautiful ship. I wish you well on this project!

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Recouvrance. IS a beautifull ship based at Brest ,i often Saw it ,because i live near,and it was a Tribute to britain to build this kit ,but soclaine did mistakes and now you could buy the  aamn plan who IS more realistic.

Have a pleasure to build it.

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The original kit has no lifeboat. I printed 3d model boat from this link.



(Free download, Free cultural work license)




This 3D model has 35 parts to be a complete motor boat, but I don't need all the parts because of my plan. The bottom of the boat is only part I need.




And stand.





I also 3d printed storage cabinets. I made my own 3D model.




3D printer resin is quite expensive liquid. The storage cabinet is designed to be empty to save resin.




70% of lifeboat part is done. I'll finish it soon and go to a mast work.


ofencer29350 // It is amazing to know that someone in this forum lives near Brest. I completely understand your motivation to build more realistic scratch model of la recouvrance. When I visit Brest in France someday, I'll also try to build a scratch model of her based on thousands of my pictures I'll take. :D 

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Let's finish the lifeboat part. I added some decorations based on internet pictures.



Fake rigging. :) 



Fake rigging. 🤨




I don't know a name of this part. Anyway, I couldn't find much information about this part, so I made some of it based on my imagination.




A picture before I go to sleep.

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