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Bought this kit when I was about 7 with the intention of it being a project for my dad and I to build together (or rather, for me to watch him build). Needless to say younger me didn’t quite have the attention span necessary and it’s been sitting untouched in the cupboard collecting dust ever since. Now, roughly 15 years later (and still lacking much patience), I’m finally going to attempt to build it myself (with a bit of help from dad of course).E1EE8F40-8A61-4D3F-B130-1169F8FFEEFA.thumb.jpeg.ec1ca03621128d7cf1f3b48f9a81f51c.jpeg

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Day 1

I only just discovered this forum and I’m already a day into construction so I don’t have a nice flat lay picture of all the parts before the madness but oh well...


Started off by cutting out and sanding down the keel, ribs and transom. The keel was a bit fiddly to cut out and after countless “don’t break it!” comments from dad he decided to take over and.... promptly broke it. 😂 


So after gluing it back together I attached the ribs without incident and decided to leave the transom for tomorrow.



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Day 2


Attached the transom and started sanding it down but I was a bit worried that I would sand too much on the edges so I marked out the area that needed to be sanded off and carefully removed it.




I realised that I had already sanded a bit too much on the left so I cut a small wedge out of the scrap wood and glued it on the keel




It’s small enough that it shouldn’t throw off the chines but just enough that I’ll be able to glue the deck securely.




It’s a bit untidy but hopefully I’ve managed to avoid any major problems later.

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Hi Bianca and welcome to MSW!


You will see that there are a lot of helping hands here on this site, but I think that "patience" you must master by yourself 😉

Having a bunch of daughters I have no problems visualizing the challenge 😄 


However, if you get stuck, just reach to this community and tips and suggestions will come.


About the "then he broke it" - what can I say, even with the best intentions we sometimes fall utterly short 😄 


Keep it up!

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Welcome aboard!


This is a great first kit! I only say that because it was my first one also. There is a link to my build log in my signature and use the forum search function to find a bunch more.


Lots of helpful folks around here posting a build log is the right way to start.


Best of luck with your build I would like to follow along if I may.

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