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HMS Diana by dunnock - Caldercraft - 1:64

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Starting to look like an awsome model and appreciate the work gone into such a huge model. Well done so far and I look forward to your progress. I am currently building the Endeavour by Caldercraft and after purchacing the book AOTS Diana I have been considering this for my next model but as yet have not attempted a ship with copper tiles or so many gun ports. Good luck with your future progress. Best Regards Dave

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Many thanks Dave for your comments, they are much appreciated. I'm sure that if you do decide to build Diana, you will find it a glorious combination of frustration, challenge and satisfaction. There are many Diana builders with logs on this site that will provide support and inspiration if you decide to go ahead. David

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2 hours ago, dunnock said:

Many thanks Dave for your comments, they are much appreciated. I'm sure that if you do decide to build Diana, you will find it a glorious combination of frustration, challenge and satisfaction. There are many Diana builders with logs on this site that will provide support and inspiration if you decide to go ahead. David

Thank you David and I appreciate the reply. Good luck with build and I look forward to your progress

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Copper plating the rudder was challenging because of the changing angles and cut-outs but any small gaps I have covered with Tamiya copper paint.



 The pintles and gudgeons are made from 3x3 boxwood planed down to 2x2. The pintles proved relatively straight forward with holes for the pins drilled before cutting the strip down to size. I made the spectacle plate from leftover stanchions from HMS Fly cut down and twisted into the right shape. The position and sizing of the gudgeons needed more care, each being placed separately and alignment with the rudder checked. The top three gudgeons I pinned in place but the lower four are just ca’d.



The first two gudgeons fitted


 Completed and rudder mounted


The photo-etched straps were too thick to allow free movement of the rudder and anyway were not sized correctly for my boxwood version so I used black card cut into 2mm strips following the pattern given in AotS.






I will add the cloak (not sure of the proper term) that seals off the rudder from the sea and the chains at a later date.


I think the next stage will be to work on the lower/gun deck. The stern was complicated enough and judging from other logs, the head looks more so, therefore I’m putting off work on this area to another time in the hope of tackling something simpler.




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A few weeks since I posted but I will update progress on making some of the gun deck fittings. I’ve also been in Iceland for a week on a holiday that was postponed three times due to Covid restrictions. What an amazing country. We plan to go back in the spring when there should be good numbers of breeding waders and other birds around.


I started with the ship’s stove which I made from 1mm and 0.5mm styrene card using patterns from AotS Diana. I used the condenser provided in the kit because when painted with Tamiya copper, I thought it looked the part but I made the chimney using 8 and 6mm dowel shaped and drilled out. The body of the stove is painted in Tamiya iron. I was quite pleased with the result…




… until I realised that the chimney was over the boiler instead of the fire! Luckily I was able to remove the chimney and top plate and glue it back the correct way around




The hearth is made from 1mm maple sheet and the tiles from boxwood strip and all edged in some 2mm walnut strip.


The forward riding bits in the kit didn’t look right so I made these from pieces of 6x2mm boxwood stringing in the manner of RobDurant. There are no riding bits at the foremast provided in the kit but I wanted to make them for the sake of completeness. Again they were made from 6x2 boxwood and sized according to AotS. Neither are glued, just pinned together.




I wasn’t very keen on the parts provided for the ladders and there is no provision for the double ladderway or at the rear hatch. Since these ladders will not easily be seen, I decided to use the kit parts but I will work out something that will hopefully look better for the q’deck and f’csle.



I have started making the partitions that form the captain’s quarters. Once again I am indebted to RobDurant for providing a downloadable pattern making the task much simpler. I glued the paper pattern onto 1mm maple sheet and cut out the doors. With hindsight I should have left them until I had completed framing of the lights because they were prone to breaking up but I have managed to make them presentable. The panels are carved out using a #6 blade then finished of with a file and 600 wet & dry. And the edging strips are in boxwood strip.






I also wanted to make the partition for the Great Cabin. Again I used Rob’s pattern. Cutting out the centre section made it the correct width. I again used 1mm maple sheet and will carve out the panels. This time though, I will leave the doors in place until the lights are completed. Since it will be difficult to see, I may not cut the doors out but just score the outline.




I will also make the partition dividing the coach and the bed place but plan to leave it fairly plain. I’m surprised that there is no door between the two shown in the plans. I also wonder whether to paint the internal walls of the partitions white.


Finally two shots of the deck. Nothing glued in place yet






The mast partners are cut from 1mm maple sheet and simply scored to imitate the planking.




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Thanks for all the likes and for continuing to follow my progress.


I have finished all the partitions for the captain’s cabin. I had to remake one of the doors on the front bulkhead because too many breaks around the door light made it excessively weak. For the remake, I cut out the opening for the light and fitted the boxwood frames before cutting out the door.




It would have been nice to have been able to cut back some of the bulkheads to open up the great cabin but I think it would have been a step too far and created difficulties with the stern structure.


The capstan supplied in the kit is a bit of a horror show. The walnut ply is very poor quality and the proportions very different from that shown in the AotS. It might seem inconsistent to go to the trouble of making cabin bulkheads, mast partners etc and not try to improve on the capstan, nevertheless, I decided that for the lower capstan, I would use the kit version and attempt to make the upper one from scratch. This is it in position on its step.




Nothing is glued yet and for the moment I have completed the parts that run down the centre line of the upper deck that I wanted to make. The rest: pumps, columns and also a bowsprit partner and manger boards, I will leave until the guns are in place.


On to the guns...

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Nice work dunnock, she's looking very impressive.

I'm a big fan of the OM boxwood  I first used it on my Pegasus build and it sits very well on Diana.

I also left the copper to age naturally and now after around 8 years is developing a subtle brown patina.





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Thanks very much B.E.. Your Pegasus build was a big influence on the way that I went about building HMS Fly, so your comments are much appreciated.


I was wondering how long it would take for the patina to develop on the copper because there is very little sign of it at the moment.



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